Bring Your Group

Bring Your Group

Adult Groups

Cincinnati Nature Center welcomes your adult group, club, or business to our beautiful Rowe Woods location.  We offer group rates, self-led opportunities, staff-led hikes, presentations, and venue rentals 

We also offer engaging online presentations for adult groups who would like to learn remotely. 

Adult groups of 12 people or more must preregister and pay daily admission at the gate. We ask that large groups divide into 12 or fewer people when hiking on the trails.

Group Admission

Adult groups of 12 people or more must preregister and pay daily admission at the gate. We ask that large groups divide into 12 or fewer people when hiking on the trails. 

Before your visit, please click the numbered links below to refer to our:  

On these pages, you will find our policies and helpful tips on how to facilitate your group while visiting our grounds.  

Outdoor Guided Walk/Hike

90-minute, themed walk/hike on-site at Cincinnati Nature Center’s Rowe Woods only.

Grounds and Gardens of Rowe Woods 

Rowe Woods was created around the former estate of Carl Krippendorf (1875-1964), a self-taught horticulturist who created a woodland garden masterpiece which he named Lob’s Wood. On this walking tour, we’ll discover the history of the estate and the vestiges of Carl’s horticultural efforts. We’ll also explore the concept of invasive plants and highlight the value of native plants to native wildlife.  

Seasonal Nature Hike 

From snowy tracks, to wildflowers, to fall colors, nature is ever-present and always changing. Explore the four seasons in the fields and forests of Rowe Woods on a naturalist-led walk or hike. Learn about native plants and wildlife along the trail as you take in nature’s beauty. 


$300 for a 90-minute hike/walk for up to 15 people. Additional adults are $15 each (up to 5 people). Additional 6-15 adults is priced at an additional $300. Walk/hike pricing includes admission fees. No member discounts. 

Indoor Presentations

45-minute indoor themed lecture or program, plus question and answer session, available only during venue rental on-site at Cincinnati Nature Center’s Rowe Woods. Online presentations are available via Zoom.

On-site Indoor Presentation Pricing

$300 for a 45-minute on-site program + Q&A when renting one of our venues. 

Online Zoom Presentation Pricing

$150 for a 45-minute program + Q&A for up to 95 people. No member discounts. 


Available Presentation Topics

Planting Native 

Protecting and fostering native habitat supports resilient plant, animal, and human communities. Learn why planting and protecting native plants is one the most important local conservation actions you can take. We will give you specific suggestions for your own land and for influencing other land owners to take action. Together, we can create a mosaic of native habitat to support humans and wildlife.  

Birding for Beginners  

You don’t have to travel far to enjoy birding as a hobby – in fact, you might not even have to leave your window! Learn the basics of birding, including common songbird identification, how to attract birds to your outdoor space, birding etiquette, and how to use binoculars. 


Discover the joy of attracting hummingbirds, nature’s flying jewels! Learn about our local hummingbird species, discuss the use of nectar feeders, and determine what native and annual plants work best to support these delightful birds. 

Mason Bees  

Native Mason Bees are gentle, solitary creatures that are one of the first pollinators to emerge in the spring. They are also easy to encourage and raise at home – no beehives needed! Learn about the fascinating life-cycles of Mason Bees, their ecological benefits, and how you can get started with them in your outdoor space. 

Mammals of Southwest Ohio 

Chances are you’ve encountered many of the two dozen or so mammals commonly found in this region, but how well do you really know them?  During this presentation, you’ll learn about some of their unique adaptations and lifestyles.  With catchy rhymes, fun videos, and a heap of humor, we’ll enhance your understanding and appreciation of local mammals, bust myths, and misconceptions, and provide resources for those wanting more of the “warm and fuzzies.” 

The 45-minute Guide to Conservation 

Perhaps you’ve wondered which actions you can take that truly make a difference for the environment. The options can feel overwhelming and sometimes costly or inconvenient. If you’ve found yourself thinking this way, this talk will give you a new perspective. Learn how psychology is changing the way conservationists look at their jobs, and how you can leverage knowledge of human behavior to inspire change in ways that matter. 


Custom Programs 

Custom programs are provided based on availability. Pricing starts at $400, based on the specifics of the individual program request. 

Contact our Registrar at for more information and pricing for a custom program.