Bring Your Group

Bring Your Group

Children’s Groups

Children’s groups are welcome at our Rowe Woods location, both on our trails and within our Nature PlayScape. All children’s groups visiting Cincinnati Nature Center must preregister. Groups may consist of 12 to 60 people. Please note the group total limits on the registration page before registering. Group totals are limited by specific date and time frame. Your admission fees are paid at the gate on the date of your visit.

Before your visit, please click the links below to refer to our 

  1. Group Policies
  2. Trail Rules for Groups
  3. PlayScape Rules for Groups

On these pages, you will find our policies and helpful tips on how to facilitate your group while visiting on our grounds. All summer groups will receive an orientation on the date of their visit and be provided materials to help facilitate their visit.

If You Are Visiting Our Trails:

All children’s groups visiting our trails must preregister. All adults responsible for a group must read the Nature Center's Group Policy and Trail Rules.

  • We ask that large groups divide into 12 or fewer people when hiking on the trails.
  • Please ensure that you have one or more adults per group of 11 children.

If You Are Visiting Our Nature PlayScape:

Cincinnati Nature Center allows groups of up to 60 people to visit the Nature PlayScape. Groups must preregister. Please note limits to group size on registration page. 

All group leaders must:

Groups that have scheduled a trail hike cannot visit the Nature PlayScape unless prearranged. No drop-in groups will be allowed. Please note that the PlayScape is designed for children from 2-12 years old. 


We accept credit card and checks to pay for your group visit. A nonrefundable and nontransferrable reservation fee must be made at the time of reservation. This fee may be applied to the total admission charge, which will be paid upon arrival at our front gate. There is no extra charge for parking or to visit our Nature PlayScape.

Children's Group Summer Registration

Groups registering in the summer are limited to these select dates. All groups wishing to visit in the summer are asked to preregister online and pay a nonrefundable and nontransferable reservation fee by using the links below. Our registration team will follow up with you to confirm the details of your registration. Groups may register and are available Monday through Thursday from June 3 through August 15. Groups may visit during the time frame listed on their reservation and confirmation materials.

Please click on the dates below to register your children’s group:

Additional Questions?

If you have additional questions, please contact our Registrar at or (513) 831-1711, ext. 129.