Discounts on Memberships

Discounts on Memberships

Membership Discounts

Educators who bring a school group to the Nature Center or participate in one of our teacher training sessions earn a credit toward membership. For school field trip information, call our School Program Manager at (513) 831-1711, ext. 138 or click here.

Consider earning your membership through volunteer work at the Nature Center. For information about earning a credit toward your membership, contact our Community Coordinator at (513) 831-1711, ext. 128 or click here

If you are currently enrolled in SNAP or WIC, or registered as a foster parent(s), you can join or renew with a 50% discount. Proof of participation is required with a valid SNAP or WIC card, or a state-issued Family Foster Home license, and photo ID, provided in person at the Membership Desk in the Rowe Visitor Center.

Corporate Membership provides Cincinnati Nature Center memberships for your employees. It is a great way for you to increase your employee engagement and a fresh approach to promoting better business health. For more information click here.