Tribute Gifts

Tribute Gifts

Image of oak leaf with water drops.

Tribute Gifts

Honor, Remember, Connect to Nature

A tribute gift to Cincinnati Nature Center is a heartfelt way to pay tribute to a friend, colleague, mentor, or loved one while supporting the Nature Center’s mission of Inspiring Conservation.

When you make a tribute donation, you will receive a receipt acknowledging your gift and, if you choose, we will send a letter to the individual(s) being honored or a family member of your loved one who has passed, informing them of your gift but keeping the amount of your gift confidential.

Click here to give a tribute gift. Please be sure to fill out the Comments box on this page so we can acknowledge this gift to your specifications.

For information on purchasing a tribute gift, please email us at

Commemorative Items

The natural beauty and peacefulness of Cincinnati Nature Center creates the ideal setting in which to honor or remember a special person or to commemorate an occasion or milestone.

Cincinnati Nature Center is excited to offer a variety of tribute opportunities, including:

$7,500 Trail Bench 
$6,000 Picnic Table
$4,000 Engraved Tile 
$3,500 Tribute Tree


For questions regarding Commemorative Items or to schedule a private tour, please contact or call (513) 774-1921.