A large white oak fallen in the forest.
The majestic old oak in its final resting place. Photo by Tom Brochu

Oh the Stories It Could Tell

May 24, 2022

by Tom Brochu, Cincinnati Nature Center Volunteer, Member of the Society of American Foresters, and Ohio Certified Volunteer Naturalist If you have hiked on the Upland Trail at Rowe Woods, near Reservoir Pond, any

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Two fingers lay behind two tiny native plum fruits, showing them off for the camera. The sky is blue in the background and the plums are still attached to their tree.
Smaller than the European plums you’ll find in the store, the native plum is our plum.

Proud Fruit Parent

May 24, 2022

by Jason Neumann, Public Programs Manager I like fruit. Eating fruit is nice but I really like growing fruit, and, more specifically, using fruit to engage visitors. With that in mind, a few weeks ago, I had a proud

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In the foreground is the wood decking overlooking the hill. In front of it is a young lichen covered tree. The perspective of the photo looks down through an early spring forest, before the trees have their leaves. Below the lookout, runs a stream.
Photo by Jaik Faulkner

Speaking with the Trees

May 17, 2022

by Jaik Faulkner, Cincinnati Nature Center Member There is an old shagbark hickory along the Redwing Trail that overlooks a forest much younger than itself. I often stop awhile beneath its shade and share stories that

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A photo of a forest trail in summer, the trees shade the trail, but there is a bright burst of sunshine illuminating part of the trail

Beauty and Sustenance

April 21, 2022

by Olivia Bautch, Environmental Interpretation Intern Maybe it’s just me, but we’re an anxious generation. And you're probably used to getting the message from us: “spend more time in nature, its good for your

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A child holds a A rock with the traces of ancient marine life fossilized within it
A rock with the traces of ancient marine life fossilized within it

Why Cincinnati Rocks?

March 21, 2022

by Bob Buring, Naturalist Our wonderful town is famous both nationally and worldwide for a multitude of reasons. Most people do not realize our rocks also put us on the map. Why? Under our feet, past a little soil,

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And adult spotted lanternfly with its wings spread out
An adult spotted lanternfly

Spotting a Disaster Before It Hops into Our Backyards

March 4, 2022

by Carolyn Ramseur, Conservation Apprentice What do you know of the Spotted Lanternfly (aka Lucorma delicatula or SLF for short)? If you follow any regular invasive species blogs or environmental news, you may have

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