Honor Roll of Donors

Honor Roll of Donors

THANK YOU to Our Donors

We are incredibly grateful to all of the 2022 supporters who have invested in Cincinnati Nature Center. Simply, we cannot do our work without YOU!

Donations from corporations, foundations, and individuals are crucial to the programming we can offer, the staff we can hire, and the maintenance of trails and grounds we can provide.

Below, we have listed our Honor Roll of Donors:


$50,000–$200,000 $25,000–$49,000
Estate of Susanne E. Geier Charles H. Dater Foundation
Landen Family Foundation Robert Gould Foundation
The Louise Taft Semple Foundation Louis M. Groen Foundation
The H.B., E.W. & F.R. Luther Charitable Foundation Graham and Sharon Mitchell
Oliver Family Foundation Charlotte R. Schmidlapp Fund
Irv and Melinda Simon Jane Stotts
  Dudley S. Taft Foundation



$15,000–$24,999 $10,000–$14,999
Sarah and Tommy Evans John H. & Eleonora G. Anning Charitable Trust
The Fullgraf Foundation Anonymous
Growing Tree Foundation Inc. Peter Block
Robert A. Johnston Todd and Tricia James
Nellie Leaman Taft Foundation The Austin E. Knowlton Foundation
August A. Rendigs, Jr. and Helen Rendigs Foundation Louise A. Head
The Wohlgemuth Herschede Foundation Radius Concepts LLC
Wodecroft Foundation Jan T. Riker
  Ronald and Nancy Cooke
  Woodward Family Charitable Foundation


The Alpaugh Foundation Sally R. Kelsall
Tammy and David Alverson Kibler Lumber
ArtsWave Marilyn and Charles W. Krehbiel Foundation
Bahl & Gaynor Investment Council Libby and Bruce Krone
Nancy M. Brown Peter and Sonia Kwiatkowski
Stella M. Buerger Charitable Trust Michael and Mary McGraw
Cambridge Charitable Foundation Gates and Barbara Moss
Cincinnati Media LLC Park National Bank
Lewis and Marjorie Daniel Foundation James and Wendy Peterkin
Duke Energy Charles Scott Riley III Foundation
Martin Eckstein and Carol Bernstein Ann E. Venable
Ficks Family Foundation J. Frederick & Helen B. Vogel Charitable Trust
A.T. Folger, Jr – Lowe Simpson Fund Lothar F. Witt
Christine Kaeser Holmes and Stephen Holmes  


Anonymous Horan Associates
William and Wanda Applegate Ryan and Emily Hoskins
John and Abigail Becker John and Katherine Jarnigo
Bricker Graydon Sylvia S. Johnson
Bill Burleigh and Anne Husted Burleigh Laurie F. Johnston
John Busam and Stephanie Sudbrack-Busam Louise M. Landen
Anne P. Castleberry  Barb and Jay Magella
CDW Lachlan and Cassie McLean
Central Coast Dive Center Inc. PNC Bank
Cintas Corporation RWA Architects
Caroline H. Davidson Patricia P. Rice
Cristina and Ren Egbert Ridgeway Foundation
Rowley Elliston and Gretchen Norman Harold C. Schott Foundation
Facebook Inc Lois C. Shadix
Fort Washington Investment Advisors, Inc. Regina and Tom Sharp
FotoFocus Strauss Troy Attorneys at Law
Foundation Risk Partners Taft
Rhonda and Jamie Fox Tarvin Plumbing Company, Inc.
Lewis and Patricia French TruCraft Companies
Naomi and Robert Gerwin Truepoint, Inc.
Martha Goldsmith Judith F. Uckotter
Great American Insurance Co. Ginger and David Warner
Don and Pat Grove WesBanco Bank, Inc.
Carol J. Hannah Western & Southern Financial Group
Hugh Hoffman Virginia Wilhelm
Bill and Mary Hopple Lisa M. Wind



84.51 Jungle Jim's International Market
Stacy and Scott Aaron KeyBank Foundation
Mary and David Adams Ginny and Rick Kuertz
Ahrens Family Foundation Elizabeth K. Kuhlman
Joy and Frank Albi Debbie and Ripley Ledbetter
Ryan and Lindsay Amos Paula and Robert Lindner
Richard and Cynthia Annett Daniel and Sara Luther
Camilla Baker Robert and Cheryl Manning
Paul D. Ballew Janet Marynowski and Scott Stephans
Steven and Suzanne Barger David J. Mason
David P. Barkalow Jon and Jan Mauch
Polly M. Bassett Michael and Amy Mauch
Jeron and Becky Bedinghaus Eleanor S. McCombe
The Benevity Community Impact Fund Wynne and Thomas McGrew
Daniel Benz and William Duffy Sandra L. Meyer
Bruce and Karen Berno Lynne Miller and Stephen King
Bob and Lynn Besl John and Jo Miller
Betsy and John Betagole Earl J. Mills
Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Cincinnati Joyce Moore
Susan and Stephen Black Jeremy and Amy Moore
Sheryl and David Bogardus John and Lorna Muhlhauser
David and Jina Bohl Tim and Yvonne Nabors
PJ and Sara Boland Edward and Cathi Nagel
Louis Bosi Jason and Michelle Neumann
Thomas and Karen Bosse Gustave and Sherida Neuss
Kyle and Kathy Brooks Bill and Beverly Novak
Laurel Brown Jennifer and Van Oler
Mary Ann and David Buelow Cathy and Randy Oppenheimer
Amy and Michael Bull Optimized IT
DeVere and Patricia Burt Elizabeth and Kevin Ott
Mary D. Cahill Alexander and Allison Parlin
The Camden Foundation Linda and David Parlin
Claudia Candito and Boyan Dimitrov Joan and Daniel Popowics
Victoria W. Carr Robert E. Prangley
Edward O. Carrier The Procter & Gamble Company
John and Cindy Carsman Annette Ready and Eric Christensen
Robert and Jennifer Castellini Catherine E. Rekers
Lisa and Charles Ciccia Troy W. Rennekamp
Cincinnati Pine Mulch George-Paul and Jennifer Richmann
Joan and Robert P. Cody Alison and Tom Rink
Maureen Comella Bethany and Todd Ritchey
Tucker and Michael Coombe Molly M. Rogers
Robin and Cynthia Cotton Bob and Mary Ann Roncker
Grant and Melissa Cowan Marianne R. Rowe
Brian Crellin and Amanda Ackley-Kranias Ann M. Ruchhoft
Jane Crowley Tamara Salvatori
Daley Family Foundation Jodi Sampson and Martin Walsh
John G. Davis Carol and Robert Scallan
Marjorie E. Davis Barbara G. Schanzle
Charles and Joyce Deuser Anne M. Schirmer
John and Debbie Downie William and Elizabeth Schlater
Brian Driscoll and Susan French Kathy and Phil Schneider
Richard Druffel and Catherine Nally-Druffel Michael and Lauren Schott
Amy E. Dunkelman SECO Electric Co., Inc.
Elizabeth Wakeman Henderson Charitable Foundation Jim and Anne Shanahan
Valarie L. Ervin John and Kathleen Shannon
Robert Faelten and Mary Ann Fieler Jim and Emily Silver
Amy Ferguson Virginia L. Simpson
Fidelity Investments Edward Soto
Mary Ann Fieler Erica Spitzig and Brent Patterson
Sarah and Cary Fitzhugh Andrea M. Sprott
Sally Freund Mary C. Stambaugh
Susan S. Friedlander Laura A. Staubach
William and Nina Fry Randolph C. Stinger
Alan M. Gast Elizabeth A. Stone
GE Foundation Brian and Lori Sullivan
Jane and Chip Gerhardt John and Susan Tew
James and Susan Gibbs Sarah and Paul Tomes
Nancy R. Gottschalk Abby and Beau Tuke
Greater Cincinnati Foundation David Uible and Cindy Cassell
Will R. Gregg Karen Wachs and Joseph Farrell
Susan and Jeffrey Harris Elizabeth Warner and Laurent Huguenin
David and Debra Hausrath George Warrington and Henrietta Gores
Jeffrey Hines Sarah Warrington and Bruce Selnick
Michael and Linda Hirschfeld Anne Warrington Wilson
Emmy and Tony Hobson Brett and Jennifer Weinheimer
Kevin and Debbie Hopper James R. West
Andrew M. Howe Vic Williams
Huntington Charitable Foundation Ken and Joanne Willman
Ingage Partners Inc. Laura Wilson and Timothy Werdmann
Steven and Pamela Inglish Roger A. Wilson
Michael E. Jagoditz Wendy Wilson and Stan Mambort
John and Katherine Jarnigo Carolyn Wright
Andrew MacAoidh Jergens and Linda Busken Jergens John and Elaine Wright
Meri and Wayne Johnson Wrocklage Family Charitable Foundation
Steven and Carolyn Jones Jennifer Wu
  William H. Zimmer



Richard and Dene Alden

Susan and Thomas Anthony

Ann G. Appleton

Bill Atkins and Mary Ann Martina

Beth Averbeck

Steven and Suzanne Barger

Sandra and Joseph Barkey

Peter S. Barrett

David Bayless

Henry and Ann Bjornson

Katy and Greg Bodenburg

Sandra Bolek and Mark Puttman

Kathie Bowers

Suzanne Boys

Elizabeth and Brian Burress

Chris and Tom Carleton

Heather and Tony Case

Catharine W. Chapman

Cecelia S. Chewning

Diane Clark

Terry Conway

James and Elizabeth Cornwell

Anne Dagenbach and Keith Williams

Louis Dauner and Geraldine Wu

Shelby M. Davis

Denny McKeown, Inc. DBA Bloomin Garden Centre

Linda M. Dettmer

Kelly and Jack Donson

Elaine Dunkelman

Allison and Rick Edwards

David and Carol Eichert

Everything Outdoors

John and Judith Fahrmeier

Robert Flynt

Phil Foster

Drew and Bekka French

Mary and Kent Friel

Don and Nadine Gallam

Kathryn and Cory Gamber

Melissa and Kyle Gearhart

Jeffrey Geier

Charles and Barbara Glueck

The Goldman Family Foundation

Steven Goldsberry

Greater Cincinnati Wild Ones

James Guthrie and Deanna Heil

Craig Joffe and Lucy Haverland

Johnson & Johnson

Shawn A. Keegan

David Kegg and Katie O'Halloran-Kegg

Karen J. Koch

Shelley and Darrell Lamb

Eli and Maryann Lancaster

Peggy and Jerry Lawson

Beth and Patrick Leibreich


Neal E. Lemmerman

Norma M. Lewis

Edward and Ina Loftspring

Karen and Stephen Maslowski

Kristi and Mike Masterson

Renee and Patrick McCall

Barbara and Kim McCracken

Myrica McCune

John McIlwraith

Mark McKillip and Amira Beer

Mark and Pattianne Menden

James and Alicia Meyer

Jean S. Miller

Scott Miller and Lori Murphy

Jeremy and Amy Moore

Rick and Nancy Morgan

Susan M. Murray

Barbara Mustoe-Monteith and Joel Monteith

Norman and Marcia Neal

The New Stud LLC

Stuart and Ruth Noll

Gale I. Ossenbeck

Devin Patchell and Adi Carmi

Susan M. Penn

John and Frances Pepper

Phloxy Ladies Garden Club

Kenneth and Karen Popham

William and Mary Ralph

Eppa and Buffie Rixey

Lisa-Marie and Herbert Roberts

Angela and Jason Robey

Anne and Dan Robinson

Laurie and Dan Roche

Lynn H. Sanner

Ginger and Tom Scheer

Karen Sieber

Elizabeth B. Sittenfeld

Barbara E. Sliter

Janet M. Smith

Bryan W. Smith

Tara Smith and Patrick McSwiggen

John Snider

Aryn Stahl

Elizabeth Stoehr

Don and Sheila Storck

Geoffrey and Jane Strauss

Anne D. Thomas

Joan Thomas

Tri State Ocular Prosthetics, LLC

Sarah Von Lehman

Brenda B. Walker

Nicolas Wayne

Debbie and Richard Westheimer

Karen W. Wilfrid

Wimberg Landscaping

Mike Wolfram and Amy Summerville Wolfram



Eric and Marcee Addington

Tom Alloy

AmazonSmile Foundation

Anthology of Blue Ash

James Anthony and Sarah Corathers

Wanda L. Apgar

Michael J. Bacha

Sarah and Ward Bahlman

Henrietta Ballinger

Kathleen F. Barton

Devin and Christine Bateman

Brian and Caroline Bear

Richard F. Bechtel

Margaret and Ted Bergh

Diane and Michael Bishop

Mary Jo Blankemeyer

Jeffrey Bloomer and Beth Brubacher

Greg and Katy Bodenburg

Fred and Edna Boldt

William and Kate Bonansinga

Eleanor A. Botts

Clara Brighton

Janet E. Burdsall

Elizabeth and Brian Coley

Jeff and Sarah Corney

Keith D. Coy

Linda and Clifford Craig

Davey Resource Group, Inc.

Linda and Paul Davis

Matthew and Shannon Dennis

Bette and David Dudenas

Todd and Beth Durham

Angela and Adam Endress

Richard and Joyce Farmer

Amy W. Faught

John and Meredith Ficks

Robert S. Findlow

Elizabeth M. Finn

Russell and Brenda Fisher

Andrew S. Fix

Ellen H. Foley

Judith and James Foreman

Barbara C. France

Phyllis and Jeremy Frye

Melissa and Ryan Gaerke

Francis and Elizabeth Geiser

Gerard and Mary Genellie

Anne and Joseph Gibbons

Linda and Jim Girbert

Greenfield Plant Farm

Gina M. Guadagno

Tom L. Habegger

Pam and Mark Haight

Teresa G. Halpin

Anne W. Harrison

Ann M. Hart

Craig and Linda Hayden

Sally and Jack Heckscher

Heritage Universalist Unitarian Church

Holmes Custom Renovations

Tom and Julie Holtmeier

Nancy Hopkins-Greene and Roger Greene

Margaret Hughes

Douglas Hynden

Intrinseco Group LLC

John and Carol Isch

Josh Jansen

Jesse Johnson

Marilyn D. Johnston

Tara and Ken Kaiser

Tina and Steven Kapor

James and Marcia Kennedy

Sarah and Clare Knife

Russell Kramer

Kroger Rewards


Michael and Kathleen Krug

Lauren and Tim Lancaster

Mary Jo Lane and Tom Giordano

Phillip and Whitney Long

Michael and Jacqueline Lyon

Tammie and Lee Lyon

Rachel and Matt Mastin

Scott and Leslie McCabe

Thomas and Wynne McGrew

Mark McKillip and Amira Beer

Greg and Erica Meyer

Ariel and Huxley Miller

Steve and Tara Miller

Thomas and Felicia Millering

Beth and David Muskopf

Native Roots Landscaping, LLC

Kimberly and Thomas Navaro

Babette and Mark Northrop

Joe and Monica Norton

Ohio Prairie Nursery

David P. Osborn

Our Land Organics

Paul Paletti

Brent Patterson and Erica Spitzig

Pipkin's Fruit & Vegetable Market

Mark P. Plungis

Phil and Susan Price

Charlotte R. Pugh

Rachel Robinson Design Landscape Architecture

Joel and Sherry Reginelli

Sherri A. Remaklus

Renaissance Garden Accents, LLC

Laura and Fred Riehle

David A. Robertson

Tom and Cathy Rodeheffer

Susan Rogers

Celeste I. Rooney

Dianne and David Rosenberg

DeDe Rowe

Noel Rowe

Bruce and Cinny Roy

Gregory Rusk

Nancy Rzonca

Katrina Scanlon

Kristy and Wayne Schlosser

Mary D. Schweitzer

Jan Shaffer

Sharon and Scott Shepherd

John M. Shepherd

Joanne M. Sloneker

George and Glynis Smulian

Society of Transfiguration

Anita Staubach and Gary Vogt

Margot S. Stoehr

Gary and Nancy Strassel

Kim H. Strubbe

Sara and Karl Tauer

Michael Telljohann

The Teran Family Foundation

Jane and Ed Terrill

Mary-Ellen Theisen

Pamela and Mark Tierney

Brittney M. Torres

Eleanor M. Tucker

Ellen T. Vahan

Marcus T. Vogt

Mary Vondrak

Dale and Kimberly Watkins

Phillip and Kelley Weber

Jeffrey and Dorry Whitsett

Carol C. Wiggers

Thomas and Janice Wiles

Philomena Wirth

Guy Wolf and Jane Misiewicz

Gordon Wright

Carol and Dan Young

Every effort was made to ensure accuracy in our Honor Roll of Donors, but sometimes unintentional errors do occur. Please call Amy Johnson at (513) 774-1921 to report any issues.