Krippendorf Society

Krippendorf Society

Yellow daffodils blooming outside of Krippendorf Lodge

Krippendorf Society 

Individuals who donate $1,000 or more to Cincinnati Nature Center enjoy membership in the Krippendorf Society. In return for their generosity, these members enjoy special access and exclusive experiences.

Support at this level provides crucial funding for education programs, conservation efforts, outreach programs that enrich our community, and critical resources to maintain and protect our 1,800 acres of land and 20 miles of hiking trails.

Krippendorf Society Benefits

In appreciation of a financial commitment of $1,000+, Krippendorf Society members enjoy Family level member benefits plus: 

  • Unlimited guests per visit 
  • Five Carload Guest Passes to share with family and friends 
  • Nature Insider News, a quarterly newsletter 
  • Invitations to Nature Insider Hikes (twice a year) 
  • Invitations to Nature Insider Talks (twice a year) 
  • Invitations to exclusive events and previews 
  • 10% off rental fee for Groesbeck Estate and Krippendorf Lodge

Benefits apply to two named adults and children 21 and younger. 

Click here to renew or become a member of the Krippendorf Society.

Portrait of Carl H. Krippendorf

The Krippendorf Legacy

Cincinnati has Carl Krippendorf, born in Cincinnati in 1875 to German immigrants, to thank for the community asset of the Cincinnati Nature Canter. His father was the founder of the Krippendorf-Dittman shoe company. When young Carl became ill with typhoid fever, his doctor counseled the Krippendorfs to send Carl away from the dirty city air. A country doctor living in Perintown, north of Cincinnati, agreed to house Carl for the summer. Thus began Carl’s love affair with nature.

In 1898, Carl purchased 97 acres of the land where he spent his summer recuperating to prevent it from becoming a tobacco field. In the heart of his beloved woods, he built a home for his new bride, Mary, where they lived for 64 years. Carl and Mary invited everyone they knew to experience the land they loved. Today—because of donor support—Krippendorf Lodge, thousands of daffodils, and the beautiful beech, oak, and maple trees of Rowe Woods continue to thrive.

We invite you to join the Krippendorf Society today to preserve this heritage and blaze trails for the future!