Land Protection

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With 1,800 acres, Cincinnati Nature Center is the largest private land owner in Clermont County. Despite the high quality of green space we protect, there is still the need to preserve lands adjacent to our property. Urbanization and agricultural land use have decreased native habitat, disconnecting important natural riparian and forested corridors for wildlife. With the new Center for Conservation, the Nature Center can expand its role as a leader for land preservation in the region. Cincinnati Nature Center is a strategic partner for the Cardinal Land Conservancy, created in 2015 from the merger of three small trusts. Cardinal Land Conservancy provides land protection services to un-served and under-served areas of a seven county area of South West Ohio. The Center for Conservation will work closely with the Clermont County Area Council of Cardinal Land Conservancy.  

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Funding programs such as the Clean Ohio Fund has equipped us with the opportunity to expand land preservation. Recently, nearly 50 acres of forested land along O’Bannon Creek was preserved adjacent to Long Branch Farm & Trails. This property was at risk for development and has increased our protection of vital riparian habitat along nearly three miles of O’Bannon Creek. We have an opportunity to not only increase land preservation to provide a safe natural environment for visitor benefit, but also gives us the opportunity to consider being a leader for land preservation in the region. With an ever-growing need for land preservation in the region, such as along riparian corridors and forested areas, the Nature Center will utilize the development of the Center for Conservation to increase our role in land preservation in the region.