Fun For All

Fun for All!

All programs require preregistration and follow Cincinnati Nature Center's COVID Program Safety Protocol.  Please register online well in advance of the class start date to ensure placement.

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Photo of naturalist with a snake

Visitor Center Nature Moments

Join us at the Rowe Visitor Center for interactive programs presented by a naturalist. Members free; nonmember adult $10 and nonmember child $6 (includes daily admission). 


Wild Senses, Tuesday, June 13, 11 am 
Native Fish and Red-eared Slider Turtle Feeding, Tuesday, June 6, 11 am
The Bert & Ernie Show! (Turtle Tales), Thursday, June 15, 11 am
Under the Boardwalk: Fish and Turtle Feeding, Wednesday, June 7, 3 pm
Bumblebee inside of blue flower.

Spring Native Plant Sale

Saturday, April 22 – Sunday, June 4

Visit Rowe Visitor Center for our annual Spring Native Plant Sale to gather herbs, native plants, flowering trees, and shrubs to create a bright and beautiful garden while providing a wonderful habitat for wildlife! 

Firefly on green leaf with other glowing fireflies around it.

Nature’s Fireworks! A Firefly Evening Program 

Did you know there are many species of fireflies in Ohio, and some of them are cannibals while others don’t even light up? Join us for a leisurely hike as we learn about these fascinating creatures and discover the magic of an evening firefly light show. Preregistration required. Members $7; nonmembers $13 (includes daily admission).  

Noel walking down trail with hiking stick with a blue tshirt on.

Make a Hiking Stick 

Grab a pre-harvested honeysuckle branch and craft it into a hiking stick with our hand tools. Use our leather stamping set and brass tacks to embellish your new hiking companion. Preregistration required. Members $8; nonmembers $14 (includes daily admission). 

Swamp buttercup

Wildflower Stroll with Noel  

Sunday, August 27, 11-11:45 am  

Join Naturalist Noel for a Sunday stroll and learn what wildflowers are blooming. The stroll may take you back in time as you visit different parts of the Krippendorf Estate. Preregistration required. Members $6; nonmembers $12 (includes daily admission). 

Elderberry syrup on a spoon.

Family Make and Take Elderflower Syrup at Long Branch Farm & Trails 

Celebrate our own American elder as a family as we take a nature walk in the elder patch, hand harvest honey-scented elderflowers, and walk through the entire process of making elderflower syrup. You’ll head home with a pint of aromatic syrup, instructions, and our list of top ideas for using it, which will delight adults and children alike. Preregistration required. Member adult $10 (includes program fee and pint of syrup) and member child $5 (program fee only, no syrup); nonmember adult $16 (includes daily admission, program fee, and pint of syrup) and nonmember child $11 (includes daily admission and program fee only, no syrup).  

Two fingers hold crayfish.

Creekin’ Hike at Long Branch Farm & Trails 

On this guided, in-the-stream hike, we’ll search for mussels, crayfish, snakes, and signs of animals, including beaver! Learn how to spot green heron and kingfisher, while netting minnows, seeking fossils, and exploring the wonders of Long Branch Farm & Trails.  Preregistration required. Members $7; nonmembers $13 (includes daily admission).  

A photo of the full moon

Full Moon Walks

Witness the night's magic transform the trails as we marvel at the full moon and reveal natural history happenings on this guided hike. Full Moon Walks provide rare opportunities to hike Nature Center trails when we’re normally closed. These nighttime walks utilize level upland trails—we avoid steep hills, steps, and stream crossings for safety. Recommended for 12 and up. Preregistration required. Members $7; nonmembers $13 (includes daily admission).  

Eastern red bat hangs on a beech branch.

Bat Night for Families at Long Branch Farm & Trails 

Meet a live bat up close and personal as we explore these mysterious nocturnal flying mammals, why they’re protected, and how you can help them. We’ll then head out and use high-tech equipment to listen to bats as they search for food. Preregistration required. Members $10; nonmembers $15 (includes daily admission).