Flower pot  with "Plant Native brochures inside and an artificial orange butterfly


Why should you plant native flowers, shrubs and trees in your yard?

  • Native plants are more likely to survive and thrive.
  • Once established, native plants are easy to maintain, use less water and look gorgeous.
  • Native plants provide food and shelter for butterflies, bees, birds and other wildlife.
  • Your yard can become a much needed natural space for urban wildlife—and a safe resting spot for migrating animals like birds and Monarch butterflies.
  • Your native garden will become an important part of saving our local, natural beauty by stopping invasive plants from taking over our lands.

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Common Native Plants 

We’re often asked what to plant in yards and the answer is always .... it depends. It depends on what your yard is like, how much sun there is, if it stays wet or dry, what kind of soil you have, etc. But, here is a list of a few of the common plants we love to recommend (and you’ll often find in our semi-annual plant sales).