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Spring Native Plant Sale

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Spring Native Plant Sale

April 22—June 5, 10 am–5 pm

Visit the Rowe Visitor Center for our annual Spring Native Plant Sale to gather herbs, native plants, flowering trees, and shrubs to create a bright and beautiful garden, while providing a wonderful habitat for wildlife.

Plants will be replenished and replaced with available stock throughout the sale. Some plants have limited quantities and may sell out rapidly. Some plants will be available at different times throughout the sale. If you have questions about plant availability, please email

A brief list of some of the available plants is below. Click here to view our full catalogue!


A graphic about Allegheny Monkeyflower
A graphic about Blue Lobelia
A graphic about blue mist flower
A graphic about blue skullcap
A graphic about bundleflower
A graphic about cardinal flower
Graphic about Crooked Stem Aster
A graphic about dense blazingstar
Graphic about Elm-leaved Goldenrod
Graphic about Glade Mallow
Graphic about halberd-leaved rosemallow
Graphic about Narrowleaf Mountainmint
Graphic about Rattlesnake Master
A graphic about richweed
A graphic about Riddell's Goldenrod
A graphic about royal catchfly
A graphic about showy goldenrod
Graphic about Smooth Aster
A graphic about threadleaf bluestar
Graphic about Whorled Mountainmint
Graphic about Wild Bergamot
A graphic about Wild Senna
Graphic about woodland stonecrop
Graphic about Woodland Sunflower
A graphic about yellow coneflower
A graphic about yellow giant hyssop
A graphic about zigzag goldenrod
A graphic about zigzag spiderwort


A graphic about switchgrass


A graphic about climbing prairie rose
A graphic about Eastern Wahoo


Graphic about American Persimmon tree
Graphic about black walnut tree
Graphic about Ohio Buckeye tree
A graphic about pawpaw trees