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"The Ripple Effect - Conservation Action Online Course" on blue rippling water background.

The Ripple Effect (Online, Self Paced) 

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You may just be one drop in the pond, but you can create waves. Move from being a “nature lover” to “nature do-er” in this self-paced online course that guides you to use your voice to create positive change for people and nature.

Innovations and trends spread from one person to another in what’s sometimes called “the ripple effect.” Not only is it how ideas spread, it’s how hope spreads too. To protect nature, we need to take personal action, but we must also connect with one another. This course explores what actions are most impactful, how we can talk to our friends, family, neighbors, and colleagues, and how we can scale up our influence to affect businesses and public policy.

Our cutting-edge Ripple Effect course is FREE! Upon completion, we offer the opportunity to donate to help “pay it forward” and help defray costs for future course takers keeping it accessible to all.

Enrollment materials, including all links to access the course, will be sent to registrants the week prior to the start of the course. Preregistration is required. Member adult free; nonmember adult free. Donations welcomed! 

All materials for this course are self-paced with optional live discussion sessions.
Course topics include: 
  • Threats to nature and what to do about them 
  • International, national and local environmental solutions 
  • Facing climate anxiety 
  • Exploring the values, beliefs, and identities of ourselves and others 
  • Motivations and what might prevent people from taking action 
  • The power of the “norm” 
  • The importance of emotion and appealing to values 
  • Making change fun and easy 
  • Building relationships to make change 
  • Communicating with mindfulness 
  • Why disinformation spreads and what to do 
  • Social responsibility and corporate power 
  • Influencing public policy 
  • Environmental justice 
This six-week, 12-hour course includes: 
  • Videos 
  • Readings 
  • Interactive Learning Tools 
  • Course Forum 
  • Optional Live Discussion Sessions 
  • Downloadable Course Summary  

Learners can expect to spend between 1-3 hours per week on coursework.