Photo Contest

Photo Contest

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Congratulations to our 2023 Photo Contest winners!

Congratulations to all of the winners of our 2023 Photo Contest. Our judges awarded a Best in Show, and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places in each category. Staff also voted on their favorite photo, which was awarded the "Staff Pick."

We also extend a HUGE thank you to everyone who sent in photos. We appreciate your time, talent, and support of this contest. The judges had a very difficult job choosing the winners!

Best in Show

Photographer: Joshua Ramsey

Winter frost on a brown leaf.

Staff Pick

Photographer: Gayle Pille

Snapping turtle camouflaged under duckweed.

Architecture Category Winners

First Place Winner: Lewis Reynolds

Second Place Winner: Tom Arends

Third Place Winner: Nadine Rubio

Insects Category Winners

First Place Winner: Jason Herman

Second Place Winner: Gretchen Bodmer

Third Place Winner: Lauren Connolly

People Category Winners

First Place Winner: Erin Calhoun

Second Place Winner: Scott Cassell

Third Place Winner: Jason Herman

Plants & Fungi Category Winners

First Place Winner: Joshua Ramsey

Second Place Winner: Kelly Brunarski

Third Place Winner: Allen Jerome

Snow & Ice Category Winners

First Place Winner: Andrew Fix

Second Place Winner: Sarah Rinner

Third Place Winner: Lewis Reynolds

Trails Category Winners

First Place Winner: Ron Foltz

Second Place Winner: Lewis Reynolds

Third Place Winner: Gretchen Bodmer

Wildlife Category Winners

First Place Winner: Nelson Charette

Second Place Winner: Kathleen Cahall

Third Place Winner: Jason Herman

Youth Category Winners

First Place Winner: Lydia Ramsey

Second Place Winner: Maya Carter

Third Place Winner: Cooper McClanahan