Group and Corporate Memberships

Group and Corporate Memberships

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Corporate Membership

Corporate Membership provides your employees with memberships to our organization. Our members actively enjoy nature, exercise outdoors, reduce stress levels, participate in educational programs, and attend fun family events. Our award-winning trails will provide your employees an inspiring outlet for healthy activities, creativity, and peace of mind. By becoming a Corporate Member, you will:

  • Reward Your Employees
  • Promote Healthy Lifestyles
  • Increase Employee Engagement

As a Corporate Member, you send an important message to the community. Your support says you care about preserving the environment and providing the community with a peaceful nature sanctuary. Your business will be proud to demonstrate itself as a leader for its commitment to environmental stewardship, education and sustainability.

Corporate Membership Pricing: 10% off regular membership price!

To qualify for this discounted rate, your business must purchase a minimum of 20 Cincinnati Nature Center memberships.

Membership Level

Individual Plus
Dual Plus
Family Plus

Regular Membership Price


Corporate Membership Price



Benefits for your Business

By becoming a Corporate Member, your business will be eligible for these additional benefits during the annual Corporate Membership year:

  • One-time 50% discount on the Nature Center’s facility rental locations for corporate meetings, employee picnics, corporate retreats, etc. Rental is subject to availability and other rental policies.
  • 50% discount on daily admission passes for out-of-town employees, clients or guests
  • Access to the Nature Center’s Corporate Volunteer Program
  • Hike for Your Health passports which incentivize employees to adopt healthy and active lifestyles

For more information about Corporate Membership, contact Mindy Weiss at (513) 831-1711 ext. 417 or

Benefits for Your Employees

As members of Cincinnati Nature Center, your employees will enjoy:

Our Corporate Volunteer Opportunities Increase Employee Engagement

Studies show that participating in a corporate volunteer program increases employees’ happiness, productivity, and loyalty. Our Corporate Volunteer Program can offer your business a superb channel to cultivate a more purpose-filled and environmentally aware culture.

By participating in a land stewardship project, your employees can improve leadership, teamwork, problem solving, mentoring, and communication skills, all while connecting with the land. Moreover, Cincinnati Nature Center provides a beautiful space for training and growth at a low cost to the company.

Interested in our Corporate Volunteer Program? Please contact our Volunteer team at 513-965-3348 or email