Digital Member Benefits

Digital Member Benefits

Digital Guest Passes

Members are our greatest ambassadors! Each member household receives digital guest passes so that you can share your love of nature with family and friends. Introducing others to our organization will help us grow and help us expand our nature education and conservation efforts. 

  • 1-year membership receives 4 digital guest passes 

  • 2-year membership receives 8 digital guest passes

FAQs about Digital Guest Passes 

How do I redeem a digital guest pass? 

When you arrive at Rowe Woods, simply tell the gatehouse staff that you have a guest with you. 

Where are my passes? I want to print them but I can’t find a place on your website to download them. 

Digital passes cannot be accessed or printed. They are uploaded to your member record. 

How long are my digital guest passes good for? 

Your digital guest passes expire the same day as your membership. Please refer to your member card for that date. 

I’d like to transfer a digital pass to a friend so they can just come visit whenever they want. Can you do that? 

Digital passes cannot be transferred or given away. You can only redeem them by visiting with your guest. 

Can I use more than one pass at a time? 

Yes! You can redeem one pass at a time, or all passes at once. 

Can I use a digital pass for a guest’s dog? 

Each guest pass is applicable for one adult, one senior, or one child admission. Digital guest passes cannot be redeemed for a dog admission. 

Can I use a digital guest pass for an event like Light in the Forest? Or for a class or program that I’ve registered for? 

Digital guest passes are not valid for special events or programs. They can only be applied for regular daily admission. 

I can’t remember how many passes I’ve redeemed or how many I have left. How can I find out?

Contact the Membership Office between 10 am-5 pm, seven days a week at (513) 965-4893 or A Membership Associate will look up your member record and find out how many passes you have available. 

My guest cannot carpool with me. We are meeting up at the Nature Center. How can I use a digital guest pass when we are not arriving in the same car or at the same time? 

Please arrive before your guest and inform gatehouse staff about your intention to redeem a pass for a friend who will be arriving after you. Gatehouse staff will ask for that person’s name. When your guest arrives, your guest simply needs to provide their name and explain that they are your guest. If you cannot arrive before your guest, please call (513) 831-1711 and inform staff ahead of time. 

What happens to my digital guest passes when I renew my membership early? Are the previous year’s passes still available to use? 

Many members renew their membership a few weeks before it expires. When you do this, your previously issued guest passes will still be available until the original expiration date. New digital passes are issued upon renewal, so during this short crossover period, you will have access to last year’s unredeemed passes in addition to this coming year’s unredeemed passes. Gatehouse staff will redeem the oldest passes first. 

I’ve used up all my passes and I’d like more. Can I request more? 

We cannot issue more passes than what your membership provides. However, we do sell memberships that will allow you to bring a guest at any time you visit throughout the year. 


Level of Membership Number of Guests
Any + 1 Guests Level 1 Guest
Steward 2 Guests
Advocate 4 Guests
Krippendorf Society Unlimited Guests


If you’d like to upgrade your membership to one of these levels, call the Membership Office between 10 am-5 pm, seven days a week at (513) 965-4893. Midterm upgrades cannot be done online. 

Can I use a digital guest pass at Long Branch Farm & Trails? 

Digital guest passes can be used at Long Branch Farm. When you arrive, tell the gatehouse staff that you have a guest with you. If a staff person is not present, please call (513) 831-1711 to inform staff. 

Do you have a question that you don’t see here? Contact the Membership Office and we’ll help! 


Membership Office 
Open 10 am-5 pm Daily 
Call: (513) 965-4893