Incorporate Some Nature into Your Business

June 14, 2022
A group of young white adults, dressed in rain gear and standing outside, smile at the camera.
RRT staff enjoy a day of team building at Rowe Woods

by Laura Schmid, Membership Manager

Now more than ever, businesses are invested in doing right for the environment. There’s even a buzzy acronym to capture the movement—ESG. That stands for Environmental, Social, and Corporate governance practices.

In essence, ESG is an emerging way to rate a business’ investment in social and environmental impacts. The end goal: When a business invests in environmental sustainability, the whole world benefits. At Cincinnati Nature Center, we offer six ways businesses can collaborate with us to invest in the environment.


A group of young white women working on a wooden deck overlook
HORAN employees help to refinish the overlook on Whitetail Trace

Corporate Membership

According to the Society for Human Resource Management, nearly 50 million Americans have quit or retired from their jobs since spring 2021—an event dubbed “The Great Resignation.” With the resulting competition for talent, businesses are seeking new ways to attract and retain their workforce, including new and innovative employee benefits. Cincinnati Nature Center offers a unique employee benefit option—Corporate Membership. Businesses that purchase 20 or more memberships receive a 10% bulk discount and enjoy other perks for their business, like a 50% discounted rental fee for a corporate retreat or picnic.

A quote from Bryan Wolf, co-owner of RRT that says "The Nature Center provides our employees with health and wellness opportunities that are right in line with our company mission and values. Time in nature is the recharge of the batteries that we all need."

Corporate Wellness

As healthcare costs continue to rise, there is growing interest among businesses to incentivize employees to adopt healthier lifestyles. Corporate membership can provide a literal pathway to wellness, but some businesses have further incentivized their staff to achieve wellness by participating in our Hike for Your Health Challenge sponsored by Cintas. Participants can earn fun rewards as they hike our trails and, if they hike all 17, they become a “Trailblazer.” Hike for Your Health is a unique way to help your employees see the value of being healthy and active, all while enjoying the beauty of nature and having fun along the way.

A quote from Pam Lowe Cho of Trek Coaching Outdoors that says: "When I designed Trek Coaching Outdoors in 2021, I immediately chose Cincinnati Nature Center for my corporate programs. The trails are well maintained, and the historical venues and professional event staff create memorable experiences for my clients."

Corporate Rentals

As many of us head back to brick-and-mortar workplaces, you might be seeking ways to get your employees to the great outdoors. Research shows the benefits of spending time outside. It makes us more productive, more creative, and happier. A corporate retreat, outing, or picnic at the Nature Center fuels creativity, inspiration, and peace of mind. Learn more about Corporate Rentals here.

A quote from Amy Smith, Account Manager at HORAN, about volunteering: "For a team that sits inside on computers most of the day, what could be a better volunteer opportunity than to be outside at a place as special as Cincinnati Nature Center? It is a perfect way to support a client while giving back to the community and promoting well-being at the same time."

Corporate Volunteering

The Nature Center’s Corporate Volunteering program offers a channel to cultivate a more purposefilled and environmentally aware culture. By participating in a land stewardship project, employees can improve leadership, teamwork, and communications skills.

A quote from Pete Kwiatkowski at Bahl & Gaynor that says: "Cincinnati Nature Center is a jewel in our midst—from the simple wonder of a long hike in the woods, to its growing initiatives and influence in environmental education and conservation. Bahl & Gaynor is excited to partner with the Nature Center on this fun event, which highlights our firm’s commitment to our local community."

Corporate Sponsorships

Corporate sponsors send an important message: We care about preserving the environment and providing the community with a peaceful nature sanctuary. Bahl & Gaynor Investment Counsel has sponsored the Nature Center’s Back to Nature fundraising gala for many years. The evening’s celebrations and silent auction help raise vital funds for our education programs.

A photo of yellow and white flowers

Restorative Landscapes

Restorative Landscapes is our new ecoconscious initiative to beautify property while also supporting the health of native habitats. Unlike traditional landscaping, we focus on helping landowners create native habitats that are aesthetically beautiful and ecologically appropriate. This includes converting unused areas of your business landscape into high-quality pollinator and wildlife habitat or helping turn acres of grass into acres of prairie.

A group of people sit with their back to the camera, looking at a speaker at the front of the assembly. Some round tables with white covers are in frame. The group is seated on a covered outdoor terrace.
Our venues host up to 220 guests!

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If you’re a business owner or a decision maker at your workplace, please consider one of these opportunities. Your company will be proud to demonstrate itself as a leader in the community for your commitment to environmental stewardship, education, and sustainability.

Corporate Membership and Corporate Wellness

Laura Schmid

Membership Manager


Corporate Volunteering

Brittney Torres

Director of Human Resources


Corporate Sponsorship

Pamela Tierney

Event Coordinator


Corporate Rentals

Julie Rotz

Venue Rental and Event Manager


Restorative Landscapes

Cory Christopher

Director of Conservation