Blog Entries - Sep. 2023

young girl sitting on her mother's lap on a dock holding a fishing pole and smiling at the camera.g

Backpack of Memories

September 28, 2023

By Environmental Interpretation Intern Rhea Curlee for the October 4, 2023 issue of Now in Nature. Think of your earliest memories of the natural world like a backpack that you carry. Is your backpack filled with

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Rhea holds multiple homegrown heirloom pumpkins of various colors and textures.

Accidental Pumpkin Farmers

September 18, 2023

By Environmental Interpretation Intern Rhea Curlee for the September 20, 2023 issue of Now in Nature. “Let’s see what happens!” I said to my husband, as descendants of last year’s

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Bob Rack sits on the base of a tree in beautiful autumn gorge habitat.

Meet an Influencer: Connecting People to Protect Nature

September 13, 2023

A story by Connie O'Connor, on environmental influencer Bob Rack. This article is also featured in the October 6, 2023, issue of The Ripple. Click here to learn more and subscribe to this monthly

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A painting of yellowjackets on carrion.

No Longer a Buzzkill

September 7, 2023  |  Bee, Insect, Summer, Wasp, Yellowjacket

By Environmental Interpretation Intern Rainey Strippelhoff for the September 13, 2023 issue of Now in Nature. You might know them as the unwelcome guests at your picnic or a painful surprise while

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Nature for All sign behind a group of kids.

Boundless Curiosity at Ziegler Park

September 6, 2023  |  CincyNature Camp, Nature for All

Katy Potoka, Development Officer at Cincinnati Nature Center As I drove to Ziegler Park the morning of July 19th, I knew I was participating in Cincinnati Nature Center’s pop-up play program, but what I didn’t

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