Blog Entries - Jan. 2022

A trail in the forest

Out of My Comfort Zone

January 26, 2022

by Cody Howard, 2021 Marketing & Development Intern I’ll be completely honest, when I started working here, I knew very little-if anything-about nature.  I understood the very basics of animal classification and

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Recipes from Cincinnati Nature Center

January 11, 2022

by Cincinnati Nature Center Staff Long before we had grocery stores and ordering online, human beings grew their food, hunted, or foraged for it in the wild forests, prairies, and wetlands. Plants, nuts, seeds,

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A male Indigo Bunting being held in a hand as part of a banding session
A male Indigo Bunting

Life on the Wing

January 5, 2022

by Olivia Bautch, Environmental Interpretation Intern A fourth grader carries a 2002 field guide, now yellowed and torn, and a pair of undersized

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