The Perfect Moment

November 7, 2016
The Perfect Moment

Nature can be an endless source of inspiration: changing seasons, colors, wildlife. Yet, capturing the perfect moment with something so dynamic can be difficult. The fox is there and now it’s gone, the golden hour passed before the gaggle moved along the lake.  It’s enough to make an amateur photographer feel overwhelmed.

Before you give up your dream of becoming the next Ansel Adams, we sat down with Steve Zeinner, owner of Zeinner Homes, LLC, turned photographer extraordinaire for some pointers. While Zeinner has no formal training, he has an artistic eye and a passion for photography making him a great source of inspiration for any shutterbug. 

We hope you find his interview to be informative and encouraging. 

Where does your passion for nature photography come from? 
Since I was little kid, I literally lived outdoors.  I remember walking up and down creeks searching for different forms of wildlife.  As an adult, I still enjoy walking creeks but now bring along my camera to document my discoveries.

Do you search for wildlife or let wildlife come to you? 
Well since I cannot sit still for very long (lol), I search it out.  To me it’s part of the adventure and fun. To hear two owls calling out to each other and then tracking them down from their sounds is quite rewarding and amazing.

What’s the most important quality a successful nature photographer needs to possess? 
Patience. So many times I have ventured out hoping to photograph a particular animal and don’t even see one. 

How do you pick your locations?   
I love variety in all aspects of my photography.  When it comes to locations I have my top choices/locations and when pressed for time I often choose one of them, as I know I will most likely come away with some keeper shots. 

What are some of your favorite tips/tricks?   
Wow, so many come to mind but probably my biggest tip would be come prepared.  What I mean by that is if you are coming to a specific location to photograph wildlife, have the correct lens on your camera when you get out of the car.  You don’t want to miss a great shot as you’re changing from a wide-angle lens over to a zoom lens.  When I photograph wildlife I always walk around with my zoom lens on and ready for action.  

What piece of advice would you give to anyone interested in beginning to shoot nature photography? 
First and foremost, have fun!  This is why I got into photography and why I still love it today.  Even today as my photography as grown into a business in which I sell my photographs, I still ultimately do it because I love to.  Also take lots of pictures, you can always quickly delete what you don’t want but you cannot add what you did not capture.  I love the old quote, “Every time you press the shutter button you capture an exact moment in time that no one else has”.

What’s your go-to equipment?   
Well anyone that shoots with me always teases me, as I am loaded down with gear.  I typically wear a backpack which houses my Nikon D800, tripod/lenses/filters, various GoPro cameras and on occasion my aerial drone.

Where can people find your work online? 
Currently my work can be found on Instagram and Facebook.

Now grab your camera and hit the trails. ■

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