At Home with Nature: Nature Weaving (Ages 5-12)

You’ll need: Cardboard, scissors, tape, and yarn. Children may need help making their loom.

Optional extras: Markers to decorate the loom.

supplies to make nature weave

Cut small notches on one short side of the cardboard. The cuts should be about ½ an inch long. 

cutting board

Make the same number of cuts on the other short side of the cardboard across from the other cuts.

person cutting the board

String the loom by pulling the yarn across the front of the loom, through one cut, around the small bit of cardboard, and through the other cut.

start of the weaving board

Secure the other side of the string to the back with tape.

back of weaving board

Enjoy nature weaving fun for hours! Young children will love finding different colors in nature, and older children will enjoy making more complex patterns.

example of nature weaving with leaves and flowers

To further extend this activity:

To learn more about the plants you’re weaving with, listen along to a reading of Plants Can’t Sit Still here.

Nature Weaving for Ages 5-12 (or older!)

Nature weaving is a great way to see your yard in a new way and make something beautiful!