Restorative Landscapes

Restorative Landscapes

Restorative Landscapes Services and Pricing

A field of wildflowers with a black-eyed susan standing tall in the foreground.

For Two or More Acres of Land

If you have two or more acres of land, we can provide you with:

  1. Prairie Consult: On-the-ground consultation to give you a customized recommendation for when, what, and how to convert your land into prairie | Cost: $250 (this fee is waived if you select Full Prairie Restoration)
  2. Full Prairie Restoration: On-the-ground consultation, plus the design, site prep, all materials, and installation of your new prairie | *Because each prairie project is different, a custom estimate will be provided for each project. 
A field of purple coneflowers is in the foreground. A monarch butterfly, wings outstretched, sits on one of the flowers.

For Less than Two Acres of Land

Full restoration services for homeowners with less than 2 acres of land will be determined via an over-the-phone assessment of the site and by the capacity of the request. 

Services that may be available for your property include:

  1. Landscape Consultation: A conservation staff member will meet with you on your property to discuss options for turning your property into a wildlife-friendly habitat. The consultation will include on-the-spot landscape management advice and specific planting suggestions for your property. | Cost: $250
  2. Restoration Plan: Includes everything provided in a site visit PLUS a do-it-yourself outline of the specific projects that you could undertake to improve the quality of wildlife habitat on your property. The plan includes instructions that allow the average landowner with basic landscaping skills to complete the work themselves. | Cost: $500

For more information about Restorative Landscapes, email Cory Christopher at