Pocket Prairie Kit

Plant NATIVE! with a ‘Pocket Prairie’

What: Pocket Prairie (N): A compact planting of grasses and wildflowers edged to please community lawn standards and attract wildlife.

Why: The native prairies of Ohio are biodiverse ecosystems that provide ample sources of food and habitat for many different species. From butterflies to mink and everything in-between, these wildflower rich grasslands are crucial to migratory and resident species of all kinds. By adding small pocket-sized versions to your classic green lawn, you will help expand the presence of this important ecosystem.

Prairies are quite self-sufficient. Once established, they require very little annual care and are an excellent way to create beautiful native lawns on a financial and physical budget. That means you're simultaneously creating a more productive yard and cutting down on your summer maintenance all at once!

Pocket Prairies are also a fantastic introduction to gardening and using native plants. They allow even the most beginner of gardener to create the first step towards a more visually pleasing homescape. We highly recommend surrounding your prairie with more interesting native plant arrangements, bird baths, insect houses, and more!

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Monarch butterfly on purple aster.

How to Plant a Pocket Prairie: Design and Implementation 

Click here to register - Sunday, October 8, 3-5 pm

Learn how to create your own native wildflower-filled, pollinator friendly, pocket-sized prairie in your own yard. Any successful home landscaping requires a little bit of planning. Join us as we dive into the many ways to design and sow your own prairie from seed and plug plants. Preregistration required. Member adult $10; nonmember adult $20 (includes daily admission). 

In this class we will cover:  

  • What it means to intentionally have wild native plants and why it's important  

  • Native seed banks, pesky invasives, and what to look for   

  • The importance of maintenance and weeding 

What to expect: 

  • This class meets entirely outside—dress for the weather. 
  • We will be walking approximately 1/4 mile in total. 
  • Come prepared to “learn by doing” and to get your hands dirty.

This class meets at Fernwood Shelter at our Rowe Woods location.


About the instructor: 

Carolyn Ramseur is our Natural Areas Project Coordinator here at the Nature Center. She has a B.S. in Ecology and Biodiversity and is focused on bringing ecosystems back into our urban communities. With two years’ experience in land stewardship and restoration, she's been collecting knowledge on invasive species management, prairie restoration, and native natural areas. Combined with a wide-ranging background from stream biodiversity studies to teaching and singing classical music, her goal is to combine culturally relevant outreach with natural sciences to help every person find new skills and ways to improve the health of our local ecosystems.