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What's Happening Right Now at the Nature Center!

Want to know what's going on at Cincinnati Nature Center these days? Check below and see updates before you come to visit! (Updated 11/12/19)


The new bridge on Whitetail Trace Trail

Trails & Conservation

  • Bridge replaced on Whitetail Trace
  • Land Stewards are working hard to remove invasive plants
  • Trails are being cleared of down trees and limbs
  • Project Feeder Watch will be starting soon
  • Stream and pond monitoring continues
  • Backyard habitat will be home for many species as winter comes around
  • Greenhouse is now open and in full operation
  • Injured or orphaned wildlife - please follow the guidelines from this website.

Barred Owl (photo by Jordan West)

Natural World

  • Leaf-foot bugs can be spotted.  They overwinter as adults and lay over 200 eggs during the spring
  • Squirrels and chipmunks are busy hiding nuts
  • Red-breasted Nuthatches are spotted at the feeders
  • Golden-crowned kinglets have been seen and heard
  • Asters are at the end of their peak
  • Look deep in the woods for deer as they will be spotted easier now that the leaves are falling
  • Days are getting shorter and cooler so we will see fewer fish and turtles as they go in to brumation (similar to hibernation)
  • Red headed woodpeckers are still hanging out at the Visitor Centers feeders
  • Beech tree leaves will continue to hold onto their leaves to protect from hungry predator
  • Barred Owls have been spotted on Beech Memorial.

Facilities Updates

  • New pipes were added to the dam over Powel Crosley Lake
  • Facilities continues to empty the Dog Pots around the property (We prefer this over finding dog waste on the trails.)
  • New roof for the front barn is being added
  • Green Roofs that are on the gatehouses are maintained by our facilities team
  • Grounds are doing a great job mowing, trimming and blowing leaves
  • Thank you to our Facilities Team for bringing in firewood for our cozy library this fall
  • All drinking fountains are closed for the season
  • PlayScape Restrooms and Visitor Restrooms are still open throughout the fall and winter

Red-Bellied Woodpecker (Photo by Judy Lindsey)

Volunteer Updates

  • Road Cleanup crew will be working on the first Saturday of each month
  • Trailside Stations are presented by our volunteers
  • Bird walks are led by volunteers every other Saturday
  • Thank you field trip volunteers for your help with the school groups
  • Don’t run away from a volunteer opportunity. Interested in volunteering? Join the Wednesday or Thursday group and learn more here.