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What's Happening Right Now at the Nature Center!

Want to know what's going on at Cincinnati Nature Center these days? Check below and see updates before you come to visit!

Trails & Conservation

  • Our 25 acre prairie that was planted in April of 2017 is looking great! 
  • Check out the Pollinator Garden to get ideas for your own backyard habitat.
  • Be cautious on trails for there may be some ruts. Our team is working hard to get these fixed after the weekend weather.
  • The Rain Garden in at Rowe Visitor Center has been created.
  • The Far Ridge Trail now has a hammock stand and has a reroute that avoids the steps.
  • Members: Check out our new Mayapple Trail and Beaver Trail at Long Branch Farm & Trails.
  • Injured or Orphaned Wildlife - Please follow the guidelines from this website
  • Stream Monitoring will be taking place by volunteers now through October.  They will be collecting Macroinvertebrates in order to gather the health of streams at Rowe Woods and Long Branch Farm & Trails.
  • Over 10,000 plants and 50+ trees and shrubs have been planted at the Center for Conservation.
  • 200 flats of plants are growing at Long Branch Farm & Trails and will be ready for transplant soon.

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Natural World

  • Hummingbird Clearwings are out and enjoying Swamp Milkweed this summer. (see video)
  • Milkweed (Swam and Butterfly) are in full bloom.
  • Take a closer look on trees. You may see some slugs.
  • Check out the Fairy Garden at the Herb Wall. 
  • A Red-headed woodpecker has been spotted at the bird feeders.
  • A Great Horned owl was spotted on the Lookout Trail near the Beech memorial trail.
  • Skunks are roaming Oak Allee` and have been spotted at the bird viewing area in the late afternoons.
  • Milksnakes have been spotted on the property.
  • Our native non venomous snakes are visible during this mating season. We do not recommend handling snakes unless you are with a staff person.
  • Shrews and Voles are busy in the woods.  Listen closely or have a sit spot for 5 minutes.
  • Check out our flower board at the Rowe Visitor Center of the native plants that you can see around the property.
  • Make sure you check your pets and yourself for ticks this season.
  • Turtles are laying their eggs and crossing the roads. Please drive slow when on the property.

Facilities Updates

  • Project Lead Craig is on the move with many jobs (see photo).
  • A new roof for the Bird Blind at the Schott Nature PlayScape has been installed. 
  • The water fountains at Schott Nature PlayScape and outside the Rowe Visitor Center are now all on for season.
  • The stream in Schott Nature PlayScape is now open. The Mud Zone now has water!
  • The entrance area in front of the Rowe Visitor Center is being repaired from the flood of 2017. Additional drain paths have been added. Landscaping will be coming soon, as well as a display of a backyard habitat.

Searching for Monarch eggs on Milkweed plants.

Volunteer Updates

  • Volunteers are checking for Monarch eggs on Milkweed plants. 
  • Check out the Herb Wall and see the nice work that our volunteers have done so far this season. 
  • We have 57 Leaders in Training enrolled at Rowe Woods and Long Branch Farm & Trails for CincyNature Camp. 
  • Our "Thursday Gang" have put together new benches on our side porch
  • Volunteers are monitoring Bluebird boxes.
  • Hike for Your Health volunteers are here on Saturdays and Sundays to chat about our trail and encourage you to complete all 15 trails.