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What's Happening Right Now at the Nature Center!

Want to know what's going on at Cincinnati Nature Center these days? Check below and see updates before you come to visit!

Trails & Conservation

  • A large tree has fallen and damaged the Overlook at Long Branch Farm & Trails. The area is currently closed until repairs are made. 
  • Check out the Rain Garden at the Center for Conservation. Cardinal flowers have started to spread.
  • Volunteers have been working hard on the Monarch Larvae Monitoring Project.  Check out the Pollinator Garden to get ideas for your own backyard habitat.
  • The Rain Garden at the Rowe Visitor Center has been created.
  • Landscaping at the Center for Conservation continues with weeding.
  • Native seed collection has started.
  • The Far Ridge Trail now has a hammock stand and has a reroute that avoids the steps.
  • Members: Check out our new Mayapple Trail and Beaver Trail at Long Branch Farm & Trails.
  • Injured or Orphaned Wildlife - Please follow the guidelines from this website.
  • Stream Monitoring will be taking place by volunteers now through September. They will be collecting
  • Macroinvertebrates in order to gather the health of streams at Rowe Woods and Long Branch Farm & Trails.

Natural World

  • Eastern Hognose Snakes are out and about know that these are non-venomous snakes. 
  • Look closely on milkweed for you may see a monarch caterpillar or even a monarch butterfly.
  • Skunks are all around the property so be extra cautious around the Geology steps.
  • Smell the tropical scent of the Paw Paws.
  • Fall Crocus are covering the area around the Krippendorf.
  • Walking Sticks can be seen along the trails and the young are out as well.
  • A Red-headed woodpecker continues to hang out by the Rowe Visitor Center bird feeders.
  • Check out our flower board at the Rowe Visitor Center of the native plants that you can see around the property.
  • Poison Ivy is all over so make sure you stay on trail.
  • Make sure you check your pets and yourself for ticks this season.


Facilities Updates

  • Facilities team weed the green roofs regularly. 
  • More updated paving will take place in the fall in other areas.
  • Our Rowe Visitor Center is getting new cedar siding. Stop and say hi to the team working near the Nature Nook. Sorry this area will be closed for a bit for staging purposes.
  • Keeping up with the mowing and weeding during that rain has not been a challenge for our Grounds Team.
  • The greenhouse renovation project is underway and large parts will be delivered soon at the Center for Conservation.

Volunteer Updates

  • Don’t run away from a volunteer opportunity. Interested in volunteering? Join the Wednesday or Thursday group and learn more here.
  • Our Volunteers at the Herb Wall are keeping the homes of Gnomes neat and tidy.
  • Membership volunteers each month help with getting renewals out in the mail.
  • Trailside Stations are presented by our volunteers.
  • Bird walks are led by volunteers every other Saturday.
  • Volunteers are checking for monarch eggs on milkweed plants.
  • Volunteers are monitoring Bluebird boxes.
  • Hike for Your Healthvolunteers are here on Saturdays and Sundays to chat about our trail and encourage you to complete all 15 trails.