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What's Happening Right Now at the Nature Center!

Want to know what's going on at Cincinnati Nature Center these days? Check below and see updates before you come to visit!   (Updated 5/22/19)

Baby bluebirds

Trails & Conservation

  • Because of the additional Bluebird boxes around the properties we now have these little darlings.
  • Land Stewards are working hard to remove invasive plants
  • Monarch larvae monitoring program has begun.
  • Big improvements have taken place on our Wildflower trail.
  • Greenhouse is now open and in full operation.
  • Stream Monitoring has started and data is being collected on Aveys Run, O’Bannon and Long Branch Creek.
  • Pond monitoring on all ponds and our lake.
  • Check out a Hammock at the front desk and hang out at Harmony Ridge
  • Injured or Orphaned Wildlife - Please follow the guidelines from this website.

Bill Hopple leads a hike with the education team.

Natural World

  • Rain or shine we have the support and interest of Bill Hopple as he does a pop up hike with the education team!
  • Stop out to see all of the native flowers that are in bloom.
  • Celebration Garden, Herb Wall and Geology are very colorful.
  • Northern water snakes can be seen along the creek crossings.
  • Eastern Tiger Swallowtails have started to pollinate our native plants.
  • Our hummingbirds have returned and can be spotted at the gatehouses.
  • Red-winged blackbirds have nested at Matt’s Pond. Please be cautious when walking around the boardwalk—the males will divebomb anyone they think is getting too close to their nests! 
  • Gray tree frogs are singing!
  • Turtles are starting to lay eggs in the fields.
  • Fiddleheads are rolling out of the ferns.
  • Red-headed woodpeckers can been seen at the bird feeders off of our Library.
  • Keep an eye out for nests in the trees. Who is living in them?
  • Warblers are still traveling through our area. Lotus Pond is always a good place to watch for them.
  • Keep watch for the sleek mink around Powel Crosley Lake.


Facilities Updates

  • Check out our new Backyard Habitat and the seating that was built by facilities.
  • Members please check out the new, lovely setting at the overlook at Long Branch Farm & Trails.
  • Enjoy nature behind the Rowe Woods Visitor Center in the new sitting area.
  • Construction on the side porch is moving along.
  • Grounds are doing a great job mowing in between the rain without putting in large ruts in our land
  • Thank you to our Facilities Team for filling our bird feeders regularly.
  • All drinking fountains are still available.
  • Fernwood Shelter restrooms are closed. Schott Nature PlayScape and Rowe Visitor Center are still open.

One of our dedicated volunteers helps out at our Nature Preschool.

Volunteer Updates

  • Thank you to our volunteers that worked this school year at the Preschool.
  • Bluebird monitoring has started at Long Branch Farm & Trails.
  • Native backyard habitat exhibit continues to progress outside of the Rowe Visitor Center near the main kiosk.
  • Road Cleanup crew will be working on the first Saturday of each month.
  • Trailside Stations are presented by our volunteers.
  • Bird walks are led by volunteers every other Saturday.
  • Volunteers worked hard to make our recent Back to Nature fundraising event an incredible success!
  • Preschool volunteers help daily with school children.
  • Wildflower hikes are under way.
  • Don’t run away from a volunteer opportunity. Interested in volunteering? Join the Wednesday or Thursday group and learn more here.