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Pet Policy

Help Your Pet be a Good Guest

We’re glad you’ve chosen Cincinnati Nature Center as your place to get outdoors with your pet! Hiking our trails, walking around the Rowe Visitor Center, and exploring at Long Branch Farm & Trails can be unfamiliar, busy, and sometimes overwhelming areas for pets. All visitors, including pets, can enjoy their experience at the Nature Center by respecting each other and the guidelines we’ve put in place to keep our visitors, wildlife, and pets safe.

We love having you and your pets visit our trails and we work hard to keep everyone safe while they are here on our grounds. We ask that you help us protect your pets, other visitors and pets, wildlife, and our trails by following our rules for pet/owner conduct.

Pet Registration

Please register your pet with our office. We record all pets and owners on the property daily to enable us to react in an emergency. You may register your pet online by using this Member Pet Registration form or at the Rowe Woods Gatehouse.

Rules for Pets on Our Grounds

Prevent contact between your pet and other guests. Whenever a dog (or other pet) is walked in public, there’s a chance of encountering people who dislike, are afraid of, or act unpredictably. Likewise, pets are not predictable when encountering unexpected situations and new people.

  • Do not allow your pet to approach people without their invitation.
  • Instruct children to NEVER approach a pet without the owner’s permission.
  • Take a different trail to avoid a group of school children.
  • Keep your pet tight to you when passing others.
  • Put yourself between your pet and others.
  • Stand to the side to let others pass.

Never allow your dog to sniff another dog without the owner’s permission. A territorial or aggressive dog should be left at home in familiar territory. Sometimes even a well-behaved, friendly dog—when on-leash and walking with his owner—can switch from calm to fierce in an instant. This common behavior is known as “leash aggression.” Move aside or put yourself between your dog and other dogs.

Six-foot leash rules apply to the entire property at all times. We strongly discourage flexi-leashes because they offer less control and extend past our 6-foot length limit. The only time your pet may be off the leash is inside your vehicle.

Clean up after your pet and carry the bag to the nearest garbage can.  The Nature Center provides waste bags and waste receptacles.

Keep your pets on the path provided. Your pet is a guest at this property, but the wildlife lives here. Don’t allow your pet to chase animals or dig up plants. Swimming and wading is prohibited in all ponds, lake, and streams for pets (and people)!

Pets are NEVER permitted in the Nature PlayScape. Many children are afraid of dogs or other pets.

Pets are not allowed in the Nature Center buildings. If you go inside the Rowe Visitor Center, have another person familiar with your pet watch them or use one of our pet hooks found outside the building.

For the comfort of all guests, pets are not permitted at program events.

Keep your pet well-hydrated while hiking. Ensure your pet drinks plenty of fresh, clean water but not from our ponds or streams. Cincinnati Nature Center provides a drinking fountain outside the Rowe Visitor Center, which provides easy pet-drinking access.

Check your pet for ticks and burrs before you leave for home. Natural materials can easily get caught in your pet’s coat or paws.

Keep your pet’s vaccinations up-to-date. This is a state law—vaccinations provide protection.

If you see a pet off-leash, out of control, or in distress, call Visitor Services at (513) 831-1711. Because we record each pet and owner on the property daily, we should be able to locate the owner and follow up appropriately.

Cincinnati Nature Center is a private member organization committed to respecting our environment and one another. Following proper pet protocol ensures safety, cleanliness, and enjoyable hiking experience for all guests—humans and pets alike. If you find these rules too strict, please leave your pet at home.