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About the Artists of Light in the Forest

Learn more about the artists and their work featured in this year's Light in the Forest event. 

Golden Brown posing next to a flower installation in the Pollinator Garden.

Golden Brown 

About Our Installation: Electric Garden is an arrangement of illuminated sculptures inspired by the native flowers that color the surrounding landscape in the summertime. The sculptures get their vibrant glow from fluorescent paints lit by ultraviolet lights. Made from repurposed and recycled components, this flexible, free-flowing design creates a brilliant experience for spectators of all ages. 

About Us: Golden Brown was founded in 2009 by David Jarred and Kenton Brett. Artistic vision, creative problem solving, and generating original, meaningful entertainment are core services of our company. Since 2020, Golden Brown has been dedicated full-time to animation and design. We produce artistic content for corporations, musicians, theaters, and arts organizations while providing our incredible skillset for every client’s unique project. 

Keper Sauce Studios floating in a pool –photographed from overhead.

Kemper Sauce Studios 

About Our Installation: Beam of Life is a 20-foot column of LED light grids towering above the landscape. Using a rich color palette and sound samples inspired by the surrounding nature, Beam of Life creates a holistic audio-visual experience. LED displays run a custom version of the mathematician John Conway’s Game of Life. The digital, cellular ecosystem set against the backdrop of the natural environment is a meditation on the relationship between the natural and technological worlds. 

About Us: Kemper Sauce Studios is a Cincinnati-based engineering and arts collective with an inventive spirit and a whole list of bad ideas. We build, wire, and code things we think are neat. 

Chris and Michelle in front of a light exhibit.

MDC Design Studio & Backbeat Motion 

About Our Installation: Lake Lumineer is a larger-than-life, cylindrical night light highlighting our region’s underwater, land-based, and flight-based local inhabitants—celebrating the natural beauty surrounding Cincinnati Nature Center. 

About Us: Founder of MDC Design Studio, Michelle D’Cruz is a multi-media designer who integrates site-specific design with digital technology and physical interactives to create immersive environments. As a digital artist, storyteller, and co-creator of community-centered spaces, her favorite projects are those that invite community members to the table to collaboratively envision what can and shall be. Christopher Glenn, who leads Backbeat Motion, is an interdisciplinary motion designer who uses light, motion, and digital tech to bring stories to life. His design-first approach paves the way for bold creative executions in projection mapping and holographic design. 

Headshots of Owens + Crawley, side by side.

Owens + Crawley 

About Our Installation: Shimmer creates a sense of wonder and enchantment on display with an arrangement of lighted, color-changing orbs suspended from the trees. Using the physics of light filtration, colored translucent acrylic panels are lit from within by color-changing LED lights producing dramatic and sometimes counterintuitive lighting effects. The orbs dance through a coordinated “light show” providing an enchanting viewing experience. 

About Us: If one word had to be chosen to describe the collaborative works of Luke Crawley and Quincy Owens it would be complimentary. Quincy creates abstract work out of a spontaneous, spirit-filled place that taps into universal human connections. Luke deliberately dissects, analyzes, and categorizes segments of sound, light, and visual elements to quantify and rearrange it into new, well-thought-out systems. As collaborators, Quincy and Luke continue to push their own boundaries with new concepts, materials, lights, and sounds. 

Polymath team photo / headshots


About Our Installation: Fluere is centered around generative, growing, organic visuals of flora and fauna. The artists envision painterly, ever-evolving imagery to accomplish an abstract projection taking the visitor to a more magical place. A collaboration with the natural elements found along the trail is highly encouraged (such as ponds, trees, and fields). 

About Us: Polymath is a motion design studio that launches new products for brands in the advertising and entertainment industries. We specialize in 3D animation and video production. When a brand needs to drum up excitement, typically around a new product or service launch, we create high-end animations and videos.