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Whether you're into gardening, trees, animals, hiking, or crafting – we've got a nature video to fill the niche! Check out the selections below, or find more fun nature videos on our YouTube page: www.youtube.com/cincynature 

Learn ASL Animal Signs 

Kylie shows us American Sign Language signs for some common native animals. 

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How Pollination Works

Tess explains how bees, butterflies, moths and other pollinators help plants reproduce. Using a large scale model, we'll break down some basic parts of a flower to show the role that pollen and pollinators play.

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Pop Wild: Lazarus Lizards

From urban legends to scientific sleuths, in this episode of Pop Wild, we will be investigating the mysteries of the “lazarus lizard.” For over 60 years, the city of Cincinnati has been living with these reptile visitors. Each year they grow in number, skittering through our rock walls and gardens. We’ve adopted them as our city’s own. But where did they come from, and how did they get that name?

A Plant Story: Black Walnut

Believe it or not, there is actually something edible inside the seemingly impenetrable, green outer husk of Black Walnuts. The process to retrieve the tasty treat is no easy feat, however! Catch a glimpse of how we process native walnuts here at Cincinnati Nature Center, and discover some of the other ways that humans and animals put this beneficial tree to use.

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Sap to Syrup Journey

Watch sap's journey from tree to table! Learn how sap gets transformed into sweet maple syrup.

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Getting Started with Mason Bees, Part 1

Mason bees are gentle, fun to watch, and contribute to pollinator diversity. They are also easy to raise at home! This how-to video will give you an overview of Mason Bees and their life-cycle, and will help you get started raising Mason bees in your outdoor space.

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Peek into Nature: Sleepy Eastern Bluebirds

Kelly Volz was hiking the Wildlflower Trail one winter afternoon and spotted this group of four Eastern Bluebirds huddled together on a branch, trying to take a nap.