Things to Do

Weekday Science Lectures 

These lectures alternate times to serve both retirees and working adults. Each session will begin with a tribute to our volunteers and announcements from member action teams, followed by a guest lecture. On weekdays, feel free to bring lunch and go for a hike with experienced volunteers afterwards. On weeknights, feel free to bring your dinner at 6 pm to socialize with staff and/or each other. Ohio Certified Volunteer Naturalist graduates can apply these programs to their continuing education hours. Preregistration required. Member adult $5; nonmember adult $15 (includes daily admission). 

A drawing of an ocean from the Ordivician period

Natural History presented by Dr. Hedeen 

Join Dr. Hedeen as he tells us the story of when our area was a warm sea, a glaciated terrain, a cold woodland, and a closed temperate forest. Come enjoy Dr. Hedeen’s easygoing conversational style and vast knowledge of the area as he explains what makes Cincinnati special. 

A garter snake peeking up from dead leaves

Reptiles and Amphibians by Dr. Hoffman   

As winter approaches, many people wonder how frogs, turtles, salamanders, and snakes survive. Learn from Dr. Hoffman why frogs don’t freeze solid in the ice, how aquatic turtles can sink to the bottom of mud for months without gills, when, why, and where snakes tangle up together en masse, and where box turtles go when the going gets tough. Along the way, learn about how local amphibians and reptiles reproduce and live, what threats they face, and how we can help them survive. 

A photo of a jumping spider

Spiders by Dr. Uetz 

You don’t need to like spiders to love hearing Dr. Uetz talk about them! For many years, Dr. Uetz has inspired college students while studying the mating preferences and behaviors of a certain species of spider at Cincinnati Nature Center. You’ll be leaning forward in your seat as he explains how he studies their behavior, communication, and sexual partner selection.