Autumn Native Plant Sale

Autumn Native Plant Sale

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Monarch on goldenrod

Autumn Native Plant Sale

Saturday, September 23–Sunday, October 22, daily 10 am–5 pm 

Please note that plant sales are not available after 5 pm.

Autumn is the BEST time to plant! Visit Rowe Visitor Center to select from more than 70 native perennials, shrubs, and trees to turn your yard into a pollinator and wildlife paradise!

Plants will be replenished and replaced with available stock throughout the sale. Some plants have limited quantities and may sell out rapidly. Some plants may be available at different times throughout the sale.


Click here to stay up to date on the latest stock quantity/availability.

Some plants have limited quantities and may sell out rapidly. 

Note: Stock list reflects the selection of plants available at Rowe Woods only and does not reflect the limited selection available at Long Branch during Great Outdoor Weekend, September 23–24.


Plant Transportation Tip: Are you tired of having to clean up soil from inside your vehicle due to a capsized plant? Bring along a cardboard box, plastic tub, or extra towels to the sale to help secure your new native plants on the car ride home. 

Click here to browse our full Native Plant Catalog and learn about the species we propagate throughout the year at the Nature Center. For questions, please email