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A preschooler lays on her belly, looking intently over the boardwalk into the pond below. Triumphantly, she declares: "I found one! Look!"

In the water floats a small, spotted creature, moving its tail lazily back and forth. The child’s teacher sits beside her, pointing out the red-spotted newt to the rest of the class. “Did you know these animals spend part of their lives in the forest, too? Let’s go find one!”

Shrieks of delight echo through the forest.

While a newt might seem a common sight along our trails, they’re only found in healthy forests with clean water. For natural areas surrounded by developed land, like the Nature Center, that means these ponds and woods the newt calls home must be cared for properly.

A major part of that care involves clearing invasive plants through methods like prescribed burns so that native trees, grasses, and flowering plants can grow.

With the growth of native plants, our forests and fields flourish—along with all of the wildlife within them.

It’s through your generosity that we’re able to protect and care for our land and all of its inhabitants. Your passion and dedication to nature ensure that wildlife—like red-spotted newts—will continue to thrive and call the Nature Center home for years to come!

Checks may be written to Cincinnati Nature Center and mailed to:

4949 Tealtown Road
Milford, OH 45150
Attn: Development Department