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Your donations go further when everyone chips in!

Our 20 miles of trails connect people to the wonder of nature.

But it’s your support that makes them so special.

With your generosity, we’re able to improve and maintain these pathways while conserving the precious natural world surrounding them.

This summer, give back to the land you love.

If 25% of our members contribute $20, we could raise $85,000. $85,000 could help with overall improvements and expansion of our trails at Long Branch Farm & Trails. This would enhance your outdoor pursuits at this members-only nature sanctuary.

If 50% of our members contribute $20, we could raise $170,000. $170,000 could replace four pedestrian bridges with four custom-engineered bridges that would support emergency vehicles. This would provide a safer hiking experience and faster emergency access for first responders. 

If every member contributes $20, we could raise $350,000! $350,000 could purchase 8,750 linear feet of composite boardwalk. This boardwalk is needed to span the mud-prone sections of our trails, and to replace several aging, weather-worn pond boardwalks. Mitigating our muddy zones would prevent trail erosion, help with water control, and enhance the overall sustainability of our trails. And upgrading our pond boardwalks would prevent edge erosion, stabilize pond banks, and provide a safer space for wildlife observation.

Let’s see what our collective impact can accomplish! 

Click here to help preserve our trails and protect the nature around them!


To give in person, please visit the Membership Desk inside the Rowe Visitor Center.

Checks may be written to Cincinnati Nature Center and mailed to:

4949 Tealtown Road
Milford, OH 45150
Attn: Development Department