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To our Trail Champions, thank you.

We're deeply grateful for the support and commitment of everyone who gave to our Protect What You Love campaign. You're making a difference in our work, empowering us to protect our trails, wildlife, and wild areas. Thank you!

Scott and Stacy Aaron

Emily Ahluwalia

Joy and Frank Albi

Suzanne Allen and Daryl Hams

Tammy Alverson

Martha G. Anness

Cindy Anthony

Ann Appleton

Lisa Arnett

Franchot and Henrietta Ballinger

Sandra and Joseph Barkey

Susan and W. Dean Barnett

Caroline and Brian Bear

Mary Beard

Derek and Giselle Beeker

Jennifer and Peter Bekins

Jeanne and Philip Bell

Stephen Billmann

Mary Jo Blankemeyer

Elizabeth and Madeline Blevins

Peter and Randal Bloch

Amy and Bryan Boynton

Kathleen Brauch

JoAnn and Michael Brown

Emerson and Lynn Brumback

Jackie and Gary Bryson

Julianne and David Buchholz

Christine and Florentino Buendia

Sally and Adam Burch

Susan Callahan

Paulette Campana

Margaret Campbell

Andrew and Lindsey Capizzi

Jennifer and Mark Chast

Carol Cloud

Elizabeth Colosimo

Suziana Conard

Christina Conover

Philip and Theresa Cooper

Debra Crane

Marge Davis

Jim Decker

Charles and Joyce Deuser

Mary Dieckmann Lipsky

Susan and Daniel Diemer

Jean Donaldson

Ashley Donohoe

Steven and Cindy Drefahl

Janet Dreyer

Sharyn D'Souza

Bette and David Dudenas

Richard DuMont

Sarah Elin

Catrina Ellis

Julia and David Esposito

Larry and Sheila Evans

Cory and Teri Eyer

Elisabeth Faber

Amy Faught

Risa and Steve Feagins

Anne and Robert Flake

Paul Flood

Stephan Foelski

Judith and James Foreman

Sarah Fortner

Richard and Sally Freund

Amanda and Noel Gauthier

Laura and Jim Ghory

James and Susan Gibbs

Linda and James Girbert

Stacey Gomes

Gretchen and Robert Goode

Andrea and Robert Goulet

Kristel and Brian Graham

Carrie and John Gray

Scott and Amanda Greenwald

Kathy Grieco

Anton and Karen Grismayer

Janet and Grant Grooms

Maeve and The Hall Family

Jeannie Harvey

Nicole and Christopher Helton

Wesley and Ann Hicks

Cynthia Hines and Fred Ramsey

Robert and Kathleen Hinklin

Michele Martin-Hisnay

Becca Hoevenaar and Mitch Seifert

Laura and Jonathan Howell

Patricia Jenkins

Carol and Jared Jester

Tina and Nicholas Johnson

Emily Jolly

Mark and Elza Jonas

Christine Jones

Ann and Kenton Juhlin

Laura Karnes

Kristin Kauffman

Laura Kees

Kenneth Kirchmayer

Patrick and Diana Kirwen

Doris Kurtz

John and Terri La Count

Janet and David Lane

Christina Lang

Madeleine and Mark Lansberry

Kathrine Lawrence

Lance and Sue Leitner

Tim and Jen Lessek

Becky Longardner

Tanya and Steve Losey

Ward and Ellen Maresca

Sue Marshall

Kelly and Tom Martin

McCabe Family

Lynne Miller and Stephen King

Katherine Miller

Glenna Miller

Earl and Jane Mills

Ashley and Kevin Munson

Philip and Judith Murray

Tim and Yvonne Nabors

Raj and Deborah Nagarajan

Gustave and Sherida Neuss

Diane and William Nixon

Sharon Nowaczyk

Catherine O'Brien

Nicole Ollier

Kim and James Orcutt

Annelise Page and Jack Gorsk

Christine and Erik Peterson

Raymond and Lynn Philhower

Jennifer Phillips

Faith and Mike Pittinger

Daniel Platz

Janice and Gerald Porter

Bonnie Pray

Mrs. Robert Preston

Phil and Susan Price

Lawrence and Maryann Przybylski

Danielle and Jon Quales

Katherine Rappaport

Patricia Reis

Mary Rice

Susan Rimelspach

Kent and Beth Rogers

Angela Rohde

Mary Ann and Bruce Rolfes

Barbara and Victor Roth

Jodi Sampson and Martin Walsh

Joe and Nancy Sanchez

Carol and Robert Scallan

Richard and Mary Ann Schroeder

Graham Schwartz

Jan Shaffer

Kayla Shepka

Evan Shepka

Stuart and Nisa Simons

Tracy and David Smith

Karen Smith

Janet Smith

Will and Janice Sparks

Leslie St Clair and Mark Lutz

Kelsey and Ben Strasinger

Debbie Strawser

Jacqueline Sweeney

Michelle and Shawn Tegtmeier

Scott and Molly Thomas

Penny Thomson

Pamela Tierney

Kim, Lon and Austin Tran

Campbell Tuel

Benjamin VanZant

Kelly Volz

Michael Walton

Matthew and Angie Watson

Sheri and Jay Weingartner

Travis Weisman

Sandra Wetzel

Jeff White

Amy and Brian Whitling

Christine Wilkerson

Terese Williams and Philip Auer

Wendy Wilson

Foster and Kathleen Winter

Deborah Wolterman

Lauren Woodiwiss

Shelly Woodward

Together, these Trail Champions raised $20,450 to support our trails and conservation work. 

Top Supported Trails Icons - Geology, Fernwood, and Redwing