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Image of a male Common Yellowthroat Warbler on a tree branch next to words that say PROTECT WHAT YOU LOVE followed by the Cincinnati Nature Center logo
An infographic detailing Cincinnati Nature Center's impact on the land and wildlife here.

Be a part of something special — protect your favorite trail. 

Cincinnati Nature Center is alive with natural wonders that are continually being discovered and explored! Our 20 miles of trails at Rowe Woods and Long Branch Farm & Trails provide entryways to a host of unique habitats that connect us all to nature. They offer glimpses into the world of more than 800 species of plants and wildlife that make their homes in our forests, fields, streams, and ponds.

Fragile habitats like Avey’s Run, restored prairies, and old-growth forest are precious and need protection. All around the Nature Center we see natural land disappearing. Nesting and migrating birds are being displaced, native pollinators are losing host plants critical to their survival, and mammals, amphibians, and reptiles are left to search for other suitable greenspace.

Cincinnati Nature Center provides a refuge.

Preserving land is paramount. With your support, we can protect the trails, land, and wildlife we all love!



Become a Trail Champion!

You can choose which level and which trail you want to support.

  • $25 » 25 feet of trail
  • $50 » 50 feet of trail
  • $75 » 75 feet of trail
  • $100 » 100 feet of trail
  • $250 » 250 feet of trail
  • $500 » 500 feet of trail
  • $1,000 » 1,000 feet of trail

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As a supporter of Protect What You Love, you will receive: 

  • A Protect What You Love
    durable vinyl sticker
  • Recognition in the Visitor Center
    and on our website