Frequently Asked Questions about Reopening for MEMBERS ONLY


Why are you opening to members only? Other parks are open to everyone.

We’re doing our best to accommodate the requests to reopen and to balance the safety of our visitors and staff. By limiting the number of people on our property, we can ensure a safe and enjoyable experience and we can communicate more effectively any updates. We’re starting this with our member base.


Why did you close and then reopen for members only? What changed between now and then?

At the time we announced our closing, we made the best decision we could with the information we had at the time. Since the safety of our staff and visitors is our number one priority, we took the time to evaluate our options. We worked with authorities to determine what we can and cannot do. Through those conversations and research, we realized that, with strict protocols for safety in place for visitors and staff, we could try a limited approach.


When will you open for nonmembers?

Right now, we don’t know. Our policies and procedures are changing rapidly to meet the requirements and mandates put out by Governor DeWine. We are continually evaluating our policies and protocols in order to balance how we can best provide service and maintain the safety and well-being of our visitors and staff. Nonmembers can follow us on social media for the latest updates.


When will you be changing back to the old ways?

We will have a phased-in approach. Nonmember admission, rentals, weddings, events, camps, and public programs will resume when Governor DeWine provides these allowances.


Why do I have to register to visit?

We require you to preregister to reduce overcrowding and be compliant with the social distancing orders set forth by Governor DeWine. This is for your safety and the safety of staff.


What if I can’t make my registered time?

We understand that things come up and schedules change. If you are unable to visit during your preregistered time, there is no need to call us. However, if possible, please email at and let us know what time and location you cannot attend. You can simply register online for a new time that better fits your schedule.


Does this apply for Rowe Woods and Long Branch Farm & Trails?

Yes, the new requirements apply to both sites.


Can I show up without registering?

No. We are requiring registration to ensure the best and healthiest visitor experience during this pandemic. If you show up without registering, you may not be able to enter because that particular time frame is full. To guarantee your spot, you will need to register.


When do you open a new day for registration?

Each day, four days are available for registration at a time—today and the next three days. A new day is added every morning at 9 am.


When do you close registration?

Registration for a time slot closes 1 hour before the time slot starts or when it fills up.


Am I allowed to bring my dog?

Yes. Please remember that all dog rules apply. Dogs must always be leashed, you must pick up their waste, and you must dispose of it in a DOGIPOT waste container.


Why are your restrooms closed?

The restrooms are closed to ensure the health and safety of our members and our staff.


How are you ensuring the safety of your members?

We are asking members to follow these guidelines for the safety and courtesy of everyone:

  • If you are sick, stay home.
  • Practice social distancing. Leave six feet of space between you and others.
  • If you wish to pass another person on the trail, please announce yourself and your intentions so that the other person may move out of your way. Pass on the left.
  • Step aside for others and keep your six-foot distance from other hikers, even if that means stepping off-trail for a moment.
  • Wear a face mask for the safety of yourself and others.
  • Use hand sanitizer before and after your visit.
  • Only walk or hike with those who live under the same roof. 

Additionally, we have made several actions on-site to reduce contact between others:

  • Buildings are closed.
  • Restrooms are closed.
  • Drinking fountains have been turned off.
  • The Nature PlayScape is closed.
  • Gatehouse staff are not scanning member cards.
  • Picnic tables and benches are not accessible.
  • Shelters, gazeboes, and porches are not accessible.


Why aren’t you mandating that everyone wear a mask?

We are asking members to wear masks but we are not requiring it. It is not mandated by Governor DeWine, and it is not enforceable.


Can I buy a membership and register to visit in one of the time slots?

Absolutely! Click here to buy a membership online. Or call the Membership Office at (513) 965-4893.


I just bought a membership, but I don’t have my membership card yet. Can I visit before I get my card?

Yes! As soon as you purchase a membership, your membership is activated and you can register to visit. Instead of asking to see membership cards at the gatehouse, we are reviewing every registration to ensure those registering are members and asking for names when visitors arrive. We are doing it this way to minimize all contact between members and staff right now. That means:

  • At Rowe Woods, we are not asking for member cards. You drive up to the gatehouse, provide your name, we make sure you're on the registration list, and we let you in.
  • At Long Branch Farm & Trails, it’s beneficial to have a member card, but it isn't necessary. We have a gate where members swipe a member card and the gate opens. Right now, members are still required to do that, however, after you pass through the gate, you drive up to the gatehouse where a staff person checks you in. If you don't have a card yet, you can pull up to the gate and wave to the staff person. They will come to your car, you can explain that you are a new member, give your name, and the staff person will open the gate for you.


I’m not a member. Can I come with a member? Is that allowed?

You may visit with a member, but only if you visit with a member who has guest benefits with their membership. You must accompany that member during their registered time slot. These levels include: 

  • 1 Guest Allowed
    • Individual + 1 Guest
    • Membership for Two + 1 Guest
    • Family + 1 Guest
  • More than 1 Guest Allowed
    • Steward – 2 guests
    • Cornerstone – 3 guests
    • Patron – 4 guests
    • Krippendorf Society – unlimited guests