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Next In Nature Teen Conservation Summit

Cincinnati Nature Center's Next in Nature Teen Conservation Summit will be held on Thursday, April 2, 2020, at Hueston Woods, in conjunction with the Ohio Department of Natural Resource's (ODNR) Student Wildlife Research Symposium

Next in Nature presentations and activities will be begin at 2:15 pm that day, after ODNR's symposium in the morning. The full agenda for the day is listed below, beginning with the Next in Nature.

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Keynote Speaker: Corina Newsome

We’re thrilled to announce the keynote speaker for the 2020 Next in Nature Teen Conservation Summit will be Corina Newsome, presenting, From the Block, to the Zoo, to the Marsh: The Unexpected Adventure of a Black City Girl.

A word from Corina:
“Despite a fascination with wildlife and the natural world, I never imagined myself as a wildlife scientist growing up, nor was I aware of what such careers actually looked like. After a chance encounter with an African American zookeeper, I became exposed to the diversity of careers that exist in wildlife conservation and finally saw a reflection of myself in the work. This talk will take you behind the scenes of my adventures in the realm of wildlife conservation, which include both zoo science and field biology.”

Corina  is a graduate student in biology, focusing on avian conservation. She is currently working in the field to conserve the MacGillivray's seaside sparrow. She's founded several programs to encourage high school students from underrepresented demographics to consider careers in wildlife sciences.

Follow Corina’s popular Twitter and Instagram, and check out her website.

Next in Nature Teen Conservation Summit Agenda