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Leader-in-Training (LIT)

Through our volunteer Leader-in-Training (LIT) program at Cincinnati Nature Center, our goal is to help our teens develop leadership skills for life.

Our LITs are a vital part of our camp team. “Camp is for the campers,” and LITs play an integral role in providing the best possible experience in nature for the youth who attend our camps. From helping our counselors on nature hikes, to leading games, to being positive role models for campers, our LITs fill an important niche at camp.

Who can apply?

Teenagers with a passion for nature who are interested in helping to inspire that passion in our campers. Ages 13-17 may apply. (Ages 18+ may apply to become camp staff.)



LIT Interviews All teens interested in applying to become a new LIT at CincyNature Camps must first interview with the Camp Director, Bekah Cohen. Other camp/Cincinnati Nature Center staff may also help conduct these interviews. While our questions will be directed at the LIT interviewees, we ask that one of the teen’s parents or guardians also attend the interview in order to hear all of our expectations for our LITs. Expect interviews to last approximately 1 to 1 ½ hours. Interviews are conducted in group format. You will be prompted to choose an LIT interview date during the application process.

The following dates are available for LIT interviews in 2019:

• Wednesday, February 6, 3:30 pm at the Rowe Visitor Center 

• Monday, February 11, 3:00 pm at the Rowe Visitor Center

• Thursday, February 21, 4:30 pm Rowe Visitor Center

• Wednesday, February 27, 4:00 pm Rowe Visitor Center

Mandatory Training for ALL LITs

All LITs, new and returning, must attend a mandatory training session before the camp season begins. Training is a fun opportunity to get to know other LITs and some camp staff, learn more about our expectations and camp policies, play a few camp games and share camp memories and discuss all the responsibilities and privileges that come along with being at CincyNature Camp LIT.

This year’s mandatory LIT training will be held on Tuesday, June 4, 2019.

Camp Dates for 2019

Our week-long CincyNature Camps will run Monday-Friday from June 10 – August 9, with the exception of July 1-5. LITs must volunteer for at least 2 weeks of camp. We may also institute a maximum number of camps for which a LIT may volunteer, as needed.

How do LITs sign up to volunteer at specific weeks of camp?

LITs may request to volunteer at specific weeks of camp after they have completed their interview and been accepted into the program. Returning LITs are given priority, but we do try to accommodate as many LIT camp session requests as we can. LITs may sign up to volunteer for camps at Rowe Woods (Milford) and at Long Branch Farm & Trails (Goshen). We encourage LITs to volunteer at both sites to expand their experience!

Some Benefits of the LIT Program:

  • Volunteering to help inspire passion for nature in our campers is not only fun, but it also helps teens acquire service hours for school or other programs.
  • Attend training and gain hands-on experience at camp that will help you develop leadership skills for life. We focus on (but are not limited to) skills such as teamwork, initiative, communication and being a positive role model. 
  • Meet and get to know other teens that are also passionate about nature and are excited to share their love of the outdoors with children.
  • Be an important part of our inclusive camp family. We greatly value our LITs and see them as part of the team!
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