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Welcome to the #CincyNatureChallenge. In the times of Quarantine and Coronavirus, it’s easy to get stuck inside looking at a computer screen all day and then spending the night laying around wondering what’s going on with the world. While the human world has been turned upside down, the worlds of tiny critters, pretty flowers, and flowing streams seem to not give a darn.

Cincinnati Nature Center would like to invite any teens in the Greater Cincinnati area to get outside and ogle the worlds of nature. Our challenge to you is to make each other laugh, teach each other something interesting, and show that artistic talent through videos related to anything nature. Share your video with us and connect with other teens around Cincinnati. We cannot wait to see what you create! Check out all the details below! 

PLEASE NOTE: Fill out the form at the bottom of this page for your entry to be counted!

#CincyNatureChallenge Rules

  • Cincinnati Nature Center’s social media challenge is open to teens age 13-19 that live in the Greater Cincinnati area.
  • Videos must be 60 seconds or less and MUST include an element of nature found in the Cincinnati area.
  • Video submissions should be posted to Instagram or TikTok. Include #CincyNatureChallenge and #NextInNature and tag us. We’re @CincyNature on both platforms.
  • Additional hashtags may be added in order to promote and share your video.
  • In the video description please include “Next in Nature: 10/10/20” to promote our Teen Conservation Summit coming up on October 10, 2020.
  • No offensive language/gestures/hate speech of any kind is permitted.
  • No animals, insects, plants, or life of any kind should be endangered.
  • The deadline to enter the #CincyNatureChallenge is June 15, 2020. For your video to be judged, entrants must submit their contact information using the form linked below!

Disclaimer: remember, not everyone has the same level of comfort with curse words. For your video to be promoted to the fullest on Cincinnati Nature Center pages, the less cursing the better.

Categories for Video Submissions

  1. Most Viral Video
  2. Funniest
  3. Educational/Informative
  4. Artistic/Inspirational

Judging Criteria

Each category namesake above will be the highest priority when judging a video. For example, if the video is funny, humor will be the element judged more heavily for the video.

There are other elements judges will consider that might give a certain video an edge over another. Those general elements include:

  • Relevancy to Nature (40%)
  • Visual appeal (transitions, edits, use of effects) (20%)
  • Originality (20%)
  • Clarity of Message (20%)
  • Bonus points awarded for highlighting conservation in any way


The winners of each category will

  1. Be awarded an exclusive night hike at Cincinnati Nature Center. The night hike will be scheduled based on the availability of the winners and Nature Center staff. Winners can expect a unique experience exploring the trails and local wildlife.
  2. Have their winning videos shared by Cincinnati Nature Center on our website and social media channels.
  3. Be invited to help us continue promoting our teen programming as Social Media Influencers, if they so choose.

Need Inspiration?

Search #CincyNatureChallenge on TikTok and Instagram to find some of our videos!

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