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Frequently Asked Questions about Recent Camp Registration Issues

Thank you for your patience as we work through issues. We know there are a lot of questions, and we hope to answer all of them. We recognize that there were system failures, and we are very sorry that you experienced challenges during registration on Tuesday.

Please bear with us as we work to help each one of you. We are working hard to develop solutions and get campers registered in the most equitable way possible.

We do not have a re-launch date as of yet but hope to have one soon please check back. If you are on the waiting list please continue to monitor your email that is associated with your UltraCamp account.

How do I know I have a spot reserved for camp?

When you log into your UltraCamp account, please click on Reservations to check if your child’s camp reservation was completed. Any successful reservation will be listed under Current Reservations. The camp reservation will have a clickable link with details about your registration and the fees associated with it. A successful registration will not say the words "Waiting List" in red above the reservation.

In your account, you are also able to see if your camper is on the waiting list by looking under Current Reservations as well. Any reservation for the waiting list will be indicated by the words "Waiting List" in red before the reservation. We are unable to share where you are on the waiting list, however the UltraCamp account holder will be notified by email if a spot becomes available.

I paid for my camp in full and received a confirmation email before the site crashed. Am I in?

Yes, any confirmed, successful registration is recorded in our system. Please log into your UltraCamp account for confirmation information regarding your child’s camp. If you see a balance due in the system, you will need to pay for the balance in full immediately.

If I do not have a spot reserved, how will Cincinnati Nature Center reoffer camp spots?

We have developed a system to fairly offer camp spots for unsuccessful reservations. UltraCamp staff members have been able to obtain a log of all camp registration attempts in the order in which they were received. Camp waiting lists have been created based on this data. Children have been placed on waiting lists for camp in the order in which registrations were attempted. For example, if you selected Trailblazers at 10:00 am and another person selected Trailblazers at 10:01 am, you will be first in line to receive entry to that camp. Please be assured that we have been able to order unsuccessful registrations into waiting lists for camp by fractions of a second.

Once we are confident in our ability to successfully resolve registrations and payments, we will offer available camp spots to those on waiting lists. We will announce this via email and on our website as soon as we have more information. We are unable to share where each individual is on a waiting list. The UltraCamp account holder will be notified by email in the order in which the original camp reservation was attempted.

I was trying to pay for camp on February 2 and the system would not accept payment. Can I still get my spot?

Due to a system failure, payments were unable to be processed and reservations could not be completed on February 2. As a result of this issue, those first in line for camp were unable to complete their transactions and secure their reservations. In some cases, camp spots were offered to later registrants where spots should not have been offered. If you were in the process of paying for a camp and you are first in line to receive the camp spot, you will be sent a waiting list notification with a registration link in order to register your camper. These emails will be sent out in the order in which you reserved your spot. Please use the link emailed to register your camper for camp.

How will I be notified to register my camper after my failed attempt at registration?

An email will be sent to the UltraCamp account holder to register. Please be sure to check the email associated with your UltraCamp account regularly. You will have 24 hours to accept the available camp spot. If you do not accept the spot and pay for your camp, our system will contact the next person in line and you will lose your spot.

I received a waitlist notification from UltraCamp on February 2. Was that correct?

Unfortunately, there was a failure in the system on February 2. Some customers received faulty email notices that a spot became available. If you received a notification that stated a spot become available on February 2, this may not be accurate. If a spot is truly available to your child, you will be notified via email and you will have 24 hours to accept or decline the available camp spot.

I no longer wish to keep my camp spot. What should I do?

We understand that this is frustrating, and we are sorry for any inconvenience that this may have caused. Please cancel your camp within UltraCamp. You will see a fee in Ultracamp initially, however, we will waive your cancellation fee in the coming weeks. We hope to see you at camp in the future.

I was not able to register my camper for any camps because the site was down.

As soon as we make our way through the current registration issues, we will reopen registration to the public. We will make sure to email members, post this on our website, Facebook, and Twitter account.

I have not received an email about my camper's enrollment. What can I do?

We are in the process of making our way through camp waiting lists based on very precise time data. The UltraCamp account holder will receive an email in the order in which the reservation was attempted. Please check your email regularly. Each reservation has 24 hours to accept a camp spot.

[Updated February 5, 2021]

We appreciate your continued patience and understanding, and we look forward to spending the summer with your camper!