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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What makes Cincinnati Nature Center Camps special?

A: All camps at Cincinnati Nature Center are designed with the goal of providing fun, hands-on, educational experiences in nature for children ages 3 to 13 years. Our camps challenge kids to be active and creative while developing confidence and social skills in a natural setting. Our small camper to staff ratio allows for increased personalized attention for our campers. Our camp instructors make camps engaging and joyful for kids while promoting inclusiveness, safety, age-appropriateness and passion for nature.


Q: How do you ensure safety at Cincinnati Nature Center Camps?

A: Camp counselors know that camper safety is the first priority. Staff are trained in first aid and CPR prior to the start of camp. At Long Branch, water safety protocol demands that campers and staff wear life jackets when canoeing, and during more challenging stream hikes.


Q: I’ve never been to Long Branch Farm & Trails; is it going to be out of my way?

A: Long Branch is only about 10 miles north of Rowe Woods, located just off of OH-28 and close to Loveland. The beauty of Long Branch is in its remoteness; fewer members hike daily at Long Branch, allowing campers more space and freedom to explore.


Q: The description says this camp includes a wide range of ages. How will you maintain age-appropriate experiences for my camper?

A: Each camp has something special to offer to all children within the designated age range. Camps with a wide mixed-age audience are separated into smaller, age-appropriate groups to guarantee the best experience.


Q: Can I ensure that my child will be in the same group as their friend when campers are divided into groups?

A: If your child has a friend in his/her camp and children are within one year of one another in age, they may be able to be placed in the same camp group together. Please remind your child to hook arms with his/her friend after our welcome activity at camp to see if they can be in the same group. On the first day, we will do a welcome skit and then break into groups. Children who have hooked arms (and meet criteria to be in the same group) may be placed together by staff for the camp week. You may ask staff about this at drop off if you have further questions.


Q: My young child is outside of the designated age range for a camp; can they still attend? They’re advanced for their age.

A: Camps are carefully designed for specific age groups and within most of our camps, children are further separated into smaller, similarly aged groups to ensure the best quality experience at camp. We do not allow children outside of the designated age range to join in camp for the following reasons:

  • Young children often lack the endurance for some of our activities designed for older children.
  • Young children often lack the social maturity to deal with older campers.
  • Enrolling a child in a camp designed for older children may inhibit either the young child or the older campers.

We encourage you to register your camper when they come of-age for these camps!


Q: Do you accept children with special needs?

A: This depends on the special need. Often we can accommodate children with special needs. Parents and guardians with questions regarding the ability of camp staff to meet a child’s needs should contact the Camp Director, Bekah Cohen, well in advance of the start of camp. We are happy to make reasonable accommodations. See below for contact information.


Q: My child has food allergies. How do you accommodate?

A: Over the years, we have had many campers with food allergies. The action we take depends upon the severity of the allergy. Children with strong peanut allergies eat away from members of the group with peanut products. (For example, a whole table of campers and staff who do not have peanut products in their lunches will sit together at a table or use a designated nut-free picnic blanket.)


Q: May I attend camp with my child?

A: Our well-trained counselors provide experiences that help increase your child’s confidence in an inclusive, age-appropriate environment. Little Acorns is the only camp at Cincinnati Nature Center in which a parent/guardian will attend with their child. Please see brochure for more details.


Q: My child wants to go to Creek Week. Do I need to register my child for all three sessions of Creek Week Camp?

A: In order to meet the high demand for our camps, we sometimes offer the same theme and activities of one camp (such as Creek Week or Forest Village) for multiple weeks. This allows greater numbers of children to enjoy these camps. Although children can attend multiple weeks of the same camp theme if they desire, the activities and content will not change week-to-week for each theme, so they would find themselves repeating the same activities in which they already participated.


If you have a question that we missed regarding camp content or structure, staffing or camper accommodations, please contact us directly:

Early Childhood Camps for campers ages 3-young 5:
You can reach Tisha at or (513) 831-1711, ext. 123.

CincyNature Camps for campers ages 5-13:
You can reach Bekah at or (513) 200-5549.

For camper registration queries:
Please contact our Registrar at or (513) 831-1711, ext. 129.