Cincinnati Nature Center
School Philosophy

Cincinnati Nature Center believes outdoor education should be part of every teacher’s toolkit. Today, as in the past, the main purpose of outdoor education is to provide meaningful contextual experiences that complement and expand classroom instruction (Woodhouse and Knapp 2000).

National Wildlife Federation’s 2010 survey of educators revealed that 75% believed students who spend regular time outdoors tend to be more creative and better able to problem-solve in the classroom (NWF 2010).

Because people are most influenced by those whom they know and trust, Cincinnati Nature Center asserts that school teachers can play a vital role in helping children develop positive values about and comfort in nature. Our primary effort is to deepen our relationships with teachers and to extend the services we provide to them; our intent is to inspire and train them to make the most of their field trip to the Nature Center and to incorporate nature more fully into their curriculum as well as in their personal lives.

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