Homeschool/Family Programs

Cincinnati Nature Center offers a variety of programs at Rowe Woods and Long Branch Farm & Trails designed specifically for homeschool families. Programs list age restrictions that have been developed due to the physical and mental demands of the program.

All programs require preregistration and follow Cincinnati Nature Center's COVID Program Safety Protocol. Programs are carefully designed for children who have reached specific developmental milestones. Please see Homeschool Frequently Asked Questions to assist you with decisions regarding the registration of your child/children for homeschool events.

Program Listing for Homeschool Families

The following list includes our current homeschool offerings. If you are interested in a program that is full, please register for the waiting list. For sold out programs without a waiting list, you may contact our registrar at to request to be added to a waiting list.

To receive occasional updates and emails about homeschool and other family-focused programs at Cincinnati Nature Center, please CLICK HERE to be added to the Homeschool Program notification list.

All programs require preregistration. Masks are also required. Please check out our Frequently Asked Questions below. For more details or to register, please click on the links that follow:

New Fall Programs for Kids and Teens

From after-school nature clubs to full-day camps to private hikes with a naturalist, we’ve added a lot of new and exciting programs to begin the school year. Click here for for more information!


Family Field Trip: Pond Life 

Designed for Kindergarten – 5th Grade! 

Friday, October 2, 9:30 am-12 pm 

Feast your eyes on the liquid layers of the aquatic life of our ponds and lakes during this naturalist-led family hike. We’ll compare our different bodies of water, try our hand at catching aquatic animals with nets and learn about how these creatures are preparing for the cold winter ahead. Member child $7; nonmember child $11 (includes daily admission).  


Homeschool: Food Chains 

Monday, October 12, 10 am–12 pm 

With a naturalist, students will hit the trail to observe examples of food chains and webs, ecosystem interactions, niches, and adaptations specific to “eat or be eaten.” Members $7 per child; nonmembers $11 per child (includes daily admission).


Family Field Trip: Streams and Fossils  

Designed for 2nd – 6th Grade!  

With a naturalist, families will explore the rocks and fossils of Avey’s Run stream. Learn what lived here when the area was a warm shallow sea and what evidence was left behind. While we explore, we’ll keep an eye out for aquatic animals that are adapted to thrive in the stream today.  Member child $7; nonmember child $11 (includes daily admission).

Family Field Trip: Life Hiding Underground

Designed for 2nd – 6th Grade!   

With a naturalist, students will hit the trails look for signs that animals are alive beneath their feet.  We’ll look under leaf litter and into holes to find evidence of animals who survive the cold by going deep. We’ll use soil augers to investigate different types of soil and dig into compost to see what lurks inside. Member child $7; nonmember child $11 (includes daily admission). 


Cincinnati Nature Center offers amazing grounds where families and children can learn and discover the natural world. Our many Fun For All programs offer wonderful opportunities for homeschool families to grow in their knowledge while enjoying the beauty of nature. Please CLICK HERE to view our program offerings with a family focus. Homeschool families can also independently explore our grounds. CLICK HERE for more information about our great, self-guided opportunities.

Homeschool Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to register and pay for my child that is underage?

  • Underage participants: All students ages 3 and up have to register and pay. If the program is age specific, we ask you to respect the age parameters.
  • Underage observers: If you have a younger sibling (ages 3 and below) who will attend a program as an observer only, please do not register that child. We welcome younger siblings as observers under the care of a parent, but they may not participate in the program. Please be sure children who are not registered for the program are not a distraction to those attending the program. Please read the program description carefully to help you decide whether or not your younger child could observe the program without hindering the program.

As a parent, do I need to register myself for the program?

  • Unless specified in the program description, parents need to register for programs at Cincinnati Nature Center. Exclusive Homeschool programs will only include pricing for children.  Parents/caregivers will not need to register for these programs but should attend with their child.

Do I need to stay with my child?

  • Parents are mentors: Cincinnati Nature Center is all about empowering parents and other adults to help young people develop an interest in and passion for the natural world. For all homeschool programs at the Nature Center, parents are viewed as teachers and are asked to participate in the experience with their children. Many programs will be partially led by homeschool parents.
  • Designated overseer: If a parent is unable to attend an event, the child may attend a program with an adult designated to oversee the experience of the child (for example: grandparent, another homeschool parent, etc.). We request that one adult oversee no more than six children.

Do you require masks?

  • Please bring your own mask. Whether indoors or outdoors, masks are required for all adults and children in Kindergarten through 12th grade at all Cincinnati Nature Center programs. Masks are to be worn outside when one cannot consistently be spaced 6 feet apart. Masks are also required to be worn while inside all facilities (for example, Rowe Visitor Center, restroom, etc.).

May I arrive late for the program?

  • Out of respect for other participants, we ask that you arrive before the listed program start time.

How do I register for Cincinnati Nature Center programs?

  • A listing of current programs can be found below. All registrations for programs are taken online by registering using the link below or by registering using our online calendar on our website.