Staff Blogs and Articles

Rethinking Your Lawn: A Guide to Living with Imperfection: Jeff Sperry, our Director of Development and Marketing, advises you to let the weeds take over your lawn! (Published 04/13/2020)

Brush Pile: It’s Habitat, Not Waste!: After cleaning out your yard and garden for spring, consider creating a brush pile instead of putting out the cutbacks for yard waste collection. (Published 04/08/2020)

Spring Cut Back: Jason Neumann, our public programs manager, writes about cutting back his gardens for spring—and the wild treasures he finds while doing so. (Published 03/27/2020)

Staff Videos

Our yards and spaces can be made into places of refuge and peace for our neighborhood wildlife. Here, Cincinnati Nature Center staff share how they've made parts of their yards into habitats for wildlife.


Volunteer Steve Inglish talks to us about his journey from having a typical yard to a native one. 


Denice Robertson walks us through how she prepped a section of her yard to create a native garden.


While welcoming nature in our yards is definitely a good thing, there are some not-so-good wild neighbors you do not want to have on your property. Our Director of Education, Connie O'Connor, gives us a run-down of one of the worst spring wildflowers to find in your yard—lesser celandine!



Did you know that dandelions aren’t native to this country? Our Public Programs Apprentice, Maria, gives us a brief history of the common dandelion, its value to wildlife, and our long love-hate relationship with this sunny yellow spring wildflower!


Resource Links

Nature's Best Hope Webinar with Doug Tallamy: In this session, Doug Tallamy dives into the problems we're facing in our environment--and how we're the best hope for saving it.