Miller Place Property 

Miller Place is a residential development with 1,445 planned housing units on a 271 acre parcel off Rumpke Road.  The property abuts Rowe Woods near the Red Wing Trail.  The tributary that drains most of the property flows into the West Branch of Avey’s Run.

Miller Place Property Plan Updates

A citizen’s Legislative Committee was formed to submit the Petition for a Ballot Referendum on Union Township’s Resolution on Miller Place.  If you have questions or wish to provide support for The Committee’s cause, contact:

               Committee to Protect Avey’s Way
               4664 Rustic Way
               Cincinnati, OH 45245


01/27/2020 – Cincinnati Nature Center submitted a Motion for Final Judgment on January 3rd asking Judge McBride to clarify his December ruling, in particular to resolve the issue of whether a referendum regarding the original Resolution 2018-52 should move forward or not.  Judge McBride heard arguments regarding this on January 15th and provided his final judgment on the 27th.  McBride stated that, “Resolution 2018-52 was never lawfully adopted in compliance with R.C. 519.12, and a vote of the electorate, either to approve or to disapprove Resolution 2018-52, cannot change the fact that the Resolution 2018-52 has already been determined to be unlawful as not having been adopted in compliance with Ohio law.  What is now unlawful cannot be made lawful simply by the result of a referendum election…[Therefore,] the court would agree that the referendum election requirement is moot at this time.”


12/6/19 - Judge McBride, in a 57-page decision, agreed with the arguments made by the Cincinnati Nature Center and the other plaintiffs in all but one count.   Judge McBride specifically found:

  • That Union Township’s Resolution 2018-52 effectively rezoned the property from R-1 and ER to R-4, and in so doing violated the Union Township Zoning Resolution.
  • That Union Township improperly changed the zoning designation of the Property by failing to follow the procedures set out under Ohio Revised Code Section 519.12.
  • That the Petition for a Writ of Mandamus was granted, ordering the Union Township Board of Trustees to certify the referendum petitions to the Board of Elections.
  • The Court did not find that there was a Constitutional violation. 

8/21/19 – Angeleke Sansalone voluntarily dismissed the $20M counterclaim against CNC and the other plaintiffs.

8/12/19 - The U.S. District Court for SW District of Ohio was approached by Sansalone to amend the original Consent Decree to effectively allow the multi-family housing development.  Judge Dlott (the judge who issued the original Consent Decree in 2000) denied this motion to amend and further indicated that she would not intervene in this pending case, indicating that this request constituted a significant change outside the bounds of reasonable amendments to the original Consent Decree.

7/31/19 - Judge McBride heard arguments for a Motion for Summary Judgment on the claim pertaining to the Union Township’s revised development plan (Resolution 2018-52) for Miller Place.

7/1/19 - Judge McBride heard arguments pertaining to CNC’s Motion to Dismiss the Counterclaim for damages against the plaintiffs.

4/15/19 - Angeleke Sansalone, owner of the Miller Place property, filed a counterclaim against Cincinnati Nature Center, the Committee to Protect Avey’s Way and four individuals (Maria Keri, Mark Lutz, Anne Robinson, and Robb Wing) alleging that the lawsuit filed by the Nature Center and the Committee to Protect Avey’s Way on November 27, 2018 entitles her to up to $20 million in damages.

NEXT STEP:  Attorneys for Cincinnati Nature Center and the Committee to Protect Avey’s Way will be filing a motion to dismiss this counterclaim.  

3/14/19 - Judge McBride issued decisions on the three outstanding motions:

Motion to consolidate both suit into one case (Filed by the Nature Center, Committee to Protect Avey’s Way, Maria Keri and Anne Robinson)

  • Judge’s Ruling:  agreed to consolidate the remaining claims into one case
  • Impact: the suits go to hearing together as one case

Motion to dismiss writ of mandamus suit regarding Ballot Referendum (Filed by Union Township and property owner Sansalone):

  • Judge’s ruling:  denied the motion to dismiss
  • Impact: the case survives and goes to hearing consolidated with other suit

Motion to dismiss Consent Decree suit (Filed by Union Township and property owner Sansalone)

  • Judge’s ruling:
    • dismissed claims in Counts 1 & 2 relating to violation of the Consent Decree
    • dismissed claims in Count 5 regarding the potential illegal use of eminent domain
    • Committee for the Protection of Avey’s Way, Maria Keri and Anne Robinson do not have standing to seek enforcement of the Consent Decree
    • Judge McBride found “the Consent Decree did not change the zoning of the property from R-1 and ER to another zoning designation.”  He later states, “although the property remains zoned as R-1 and ER in name, Union Township has effectively rezoned the Property” with the Resolution it passed 10/25/18.
  • Impact:
    • Both CNC and the Committee remain as plaintiffs in the consolidated case.
    • The case is focused on Union Township’s Resolution relative to zoning, not whether it violated the Consent Decree.
    • The case goes forward.

NEXT STEP: Judge McBride will schedule a case management conference within ten days to proceed with the consolidated case.

2/21/19 - Judge McBride issued a written decision to DENY the Motion to Disqualify. He has set Monday 2/25 at 1:00 pm to hear arguments on Union Township’s two Motions to Dismiss and the Nature Center’s Motion to Consolidate both suits into one case before the Common Pleas court.

2/14/19 - Judge McBride stated that property owner Sansalone’s Motion to Disqualify Strauss-Troy from representing Cincinnati Nature Center must be addressed before the case can proceed.  He indicated he would issue a written decision within a week.

2/7/19 - Judge McBride, stated the motion to disqualify S-T must be dealt with before the case can proceed.  He scheduled a hearing for that purpose next Thursday, February 14 at 12:30 pm.

1/29/19 - Council for Miller Place property owner Sansalone filed a motion to disqualify Strauss & Troy, the nature center’s council, claiming a conflict of interest.  This is based on another S-T attorney many years ago preparing an estate plan for the Sansalones. Prior to taking our case, S-T asked the Bar Association for an opinion (common practice, but not legally binding). The opinion was no conflict.

1/9/19 - Case re-assigned to Judge Jerry McBride

1/4/19 - Nature Center files memo in opposition to motions to dismiss and files a motion to expedite (February 6 is deadline for issues to be placed on May ballot)

12/24/18 - Union Township files a motion to dismiss the Declaratory Judgment

12/18/18 - Cincinnati Nature Center and Committee to Protect Avey’s Way file Motion to Consolidate the cases.

12/14/18 - Committee to Protect Avey’s Way files petition for writ of mandamus in Clermont Common Pleas Court asking court to require petitions to be submitted to Board of Elections.

12/4/18 - Union Township Trustees reject petitions claiming Resolution was not a zoning issue and therefore not subject to Ballot Referendum.

11/27/18 - Cincinnati Nature Center and Committee for Protection of Avey’s Way file declaratory judgement arguing Union Township has violated  State Law regarding Township Zoning.

11/21/18 - 3,879 signatures on 299 petitions submitted to Union Township by Committee to Protect Avey’s Way.

10/25/18 - Union Township Trustee approve Resolution for Miller Place with 1,445 residential units including 850 apartments




On 10/25/18 the Union Township Trustees passed the Miller Place Revised Development Plan Resolution 2018-52. It provides for 1,445 residential units (875 rental units, 570 single family units) on the undeveloped 271 acre property on Rumpke Road. It represents two major modifications of the federal Consent Decree signed in 2000 by Union Township and the property owner Anthony M. Sansalone, Trustee: 

  • Increase in the number of residential units from 575 to 1,445, and
  • Rezones the property with the inclusion of multi-family apartments.

Cincinnati Nature Center and many neighbors adjacent to Rumpke Road are concerned about this plan.  The township trustees have not followed the law for rezoning in Clermont County. The plan should have been submitted to the Clermont County Planning Commission, the Township Zoning Commission and the Township Trustees, where there would have been an opportunity to obtain traffic studies, storm water & sewage planning and public input prior to making such a drastic zone change. The increase of 870 residential units could have a significant detrimental impact on the Nature Center’s Rowe Woods, the neighborhood and the surrounding region due to:

  • Increased surface run-off during construction and ongoing afterwards harming Avey’s Run and Barg Salt Run streams due to erosion, increased sediment and pollutants
  • Increased traffic on Old Route 74
  • Using eminent domain and public funds to acquire land for the private benefit of the developers to create a second access onto Old 74 through Melody Lane
  • Unplanned financial demands on the township due increased services for police, fire, streets and schools


Complaint for Declaratory Judgment

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