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Conversations on Conservation

About  | Hosted by the Center for Conservation at Cincinnati Nature Center, this new series promotes science with solutions by sharing information about conservation research and initiatives and by connecting like-minded people who want to help make a difference.

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Conversations on Conservation: Fostering Empathy for Wildlife (Online)

Sunday, November 7, 2-4 pm — CANCELED

What does it mean to have empathy for wildlife and what role does empathy play in conservation? Can you have empathy for a barnacle? Spoiler: You can! Jim Wharton, Director of Conservation Engagement and Learning at the Seattle Aquarium, will discuss what it means to have empathy for animals, why we empathize with some animals more easily than others, and discuss how institutions like the Seattle Aquarium are using empathy to save species. The Aquarium and its partners have been leading the conversation around developing empathy for conservation outcomes. Discover how fostering empathy for animals can teach us to be more empathetic with each other. Member adult free; nonmember adult $9 (includes daily admission).