January 10, 2023
LITs educating with youth camp participant.

A story by Kelly Steyer, Youth Program Manager/Camp Director. This article is also featured in the January 11, 2023 edition of Now in Nature.

CincyNature Camp will soon be welcomed back here at the Nature Center, and with that, laughter and songs will once again fill the forest as happy campers return to the trails. Guiding them along the way are their trusty counselors and LITs, or Leaders-in-Training.

LITs are teen volunteers ages 14-17 and an integral part of our CincyNature Camp. They lead as positive role models for campers as they participate in the everyday activities of camp.

With counselors and camp staff as mentors, LITs are encouraged to recognize and achieve their goals while discovering their own leadership style. We strive for LITs to take the vital skills they develop at CincyNature Camp with them throughout their lives.

Whether they’re leading a group in a game of “Drip, Drip, Drench” or catching the frog that keeps hopping away, LITs are sure to make memories that will last a lifetime for themselves and the campers they positively impact.