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At Home with Nature: Birdwatching (All Ages)

Posted on: March 26, 2020

Birdwatching is like a scavenger hunt. You’ll view your backyard or favorite nature spot in a whole new way!

You’ll need: A view outside.

Optional extras: Binoculars, a field guide (book or app), and birding log or notebook.




First, find birds outdoors or by looking out your window. Stay still and quiet. Focus on scanning your surroundings. Listen! You’ll often hear birds before you see them.



Once you have spotted a bird, try to get a good look to identify it (use binoculars if you have them). Pay attention to color, body shape, size, and its beak. Where is it? Is it making any noise? What is it doing?


Use a field guide to help you identify it. Don’t have one handy? We love The Cornell Lab’s Merlin Bird ID or Audubon’s Bird Guide apps.



Make notes of what you find in a notebook, a birdwatching log, or in an app. How many different species can you spot?



To further extend this activity: 

Identification apps:  Audubon Bird Guide and The Cornell Lab’s’ Merlin BirdID

Citizen science: Collect data and submit to The Cornell Lab with eBird app

Bird sounds and calls: Listen online for free here

Games: The Cornell Lab Bird Academy Play Lab