And adult spotted lanternfly with its wings spread out
An adult spotted lanternfly

Spotting a Disaster Before It Hops into Our Backyards

March 4, 2022

by Carolyn Ramseur, Conservation Apprentice What do you know of the Spotted Lanternfly (aka Lucorma delicatula or SLF for short)? If you follow any regular invasive species blogs or environmental news, you may have

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Close up of Burning Bush leaves
Close up of Burning Bush leaves

Is It Really an Escape Artist if We Gave It the Key?

March 3, 2022

by Danie Frevola, Research Ecologist Many of us are aware of the benefits native landscapes have for the environment. Native plants provide healthy food for wildlife, support a holistic system, and create a natural

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Tree of Heaven Leaves
Tree of Heaven Leaves

The Ailment of Alianthus...

March 2, 2022

by Carolyn Ramseur, Conservation Apprentice … Alianthus altissima that is. Commonly referred to as Tree of Heaven, this persistent species is anything but heavenly for our native landscapes. Tree of Heaven’s

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Image of Bradford pear blooms against a blue sky

The Sweet Smell of Spring and Fish

March 1, 2022

by Danie Frevola, Research Ecologist A question I ask myself each and every spring (besides “What day is Mother’s Day this year?”) is “Why would someone want a pear tree that doesn’t actually make pears and

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2022 Valentines For You

February 14, 2022

Valentines Just for You

Nature is our love language. If you're looking for a Valentine for your special someone(s) today, feel free to snag one below!

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A Snowy Owl perched on a cement overhang
Snowy Owl in downtown Cincinnati. Photo by Kelly Volz

A Snowy Surprise

February 11, 2022

by Olivia Bautch. Environmental Interpretation Intern From birding blogs to the local news, word of a bright-white, arctic stranger has been causing excitement for Cincinnati residents this winter. This surprise

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