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Rowe Woods trail


Rowe Woods trails wind through Eastern deciduous forest, fields, streams and ponds. Rowe Woods in Milford, Ohio is just east of Cincinnati, spanning 1,025 acres (including 65 acres of old growth forest) and offering more than 16 miles of hiking trails. 

View the Rowe Woods trail map (PDF)

Self-Guided Opportunities

Pet Policy

Hike for Your Health passport

Hike for Your Health
Pick up a Hike for Your Health passport at the Rowe Visitor Center. After completing each trail, stop by the Front Desk to get a stamp. After hiking all 15 trails at Rowe Woods and Long Branch Farm & Trails, bring your completed passport back to receive a special prize.

For more information, visit our Hike for Your Heath page!

Trail Rules
For your safety, preservation of our natural resources, and consideration for other visitors, please observe the following trail guidelines:

  1. Remain on designated trails and boardwalks to protect woodland and aquatic habitats.
  2. Foot traffic only.
  3. No collecting, hunting or fishing. Observe but do not disturb plants and wildlife.
  4. Walk in groups of 12 or fewer.
  5. Children younger than high school age must be accompanied by an adult.
  6. Pets must be leashed and under control at all times. Always carry out your pet’s waste. Discourage pets from wading in water. To report pets off-leash, contact Rowe Woods staff at (513) 965-4245 or (513) 831-1711.
  7. Do not litter. Pack it in, pack it out.
  8. Picnic only in designated area near the Rowe Woods main parking lot, not on trails.
  9. No smoking on trails.
  10. Fish and turtle feeding only allowed at Powell Crosley Lake at Rowe Woods from April 1-October 31. Feed only pellets available at The Nature Shop. DO NOT FEED BREAD. Feeding waterfowl and other wildlife is prohibited.
  11. Do not climb on farm machinery, fences, gates or hay bales at Long Branch Farm & Trails.