And the rains came… 
Rowe Visitor Center experiences extensive damage by spring deluge!

It was a bittersweet day for Cincinnati Nature Center as we marked the 50th anniversary of our opening on April 16, 2017.  However, it was that very day the rains came, and kept coming!   Unfortunately for us, Mother Nature unleashed her might and the Visitor Center was overcome with flood water as torrential rains pounded the area.

We experienced extensive damage to both the main floor and basement offices and meeting rooms.  When the rains finally stopped, water had flowed through the front doors and flooded 70% of the Rowe Visitor Center – including most of the main floor. It poured through the fireplaces to everything downstairs on the lower level. Damage to the flooring was extensive, as was damage to drywall, electric and many supplies. Due to the nature of the flooding we were distraught to discover insurance does not cover this type of water damage because the source of the water was external and not a drain backup – none of the repairs are covered by insurance. Costs for a complete repair are estimated at $75,000.

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Undoubtedly, the Rowe Visitor Center is the heart of the Nature Center. In a given year, 210,000 visitors pass through it, including 30,000 children who use the auditorium on school field trips and during our summer camps. Hikers and families use the Visitor Center as a respite, and it is where visitors find shelter during bad weather.               

The Rowe Visitor Center:

  • houses our permanent educational exhibits and a nature library.
  • houses The Nature Shop and a very popular bird viewing area.
  • is where our largest groups gather for programs, lectures and exhibits.
  • is the place to learn from naturalists and plan a visit with front desk staff.
  • is the main office space for staff and volunteers. 

This site by far is the most important building on the property and that is why we are asking for your support to help with repairs.  Over the course of the past month repair work has been nonstop because this space is so critically important to everything we do – providing high-quality, enriching nature-based programs that reach adults and children from every corner of the Tri-State region.  Please consider making a donation to help today!