Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you giving away milkweed seeds?

  • Over the past decade, monarch butterfly populations have declined by an alarming 90%. These incredible creatures depend on the milkweed plant for their survival. With shifting land management practices, millions of acres of native milkweed have vanished from our landscape, leaving the monarch's future as a species in jeopardy. By planting milkweed in your garden, you can help monarch populations rebound. The female butterflies lay their eggs only on milkweed plants and monarch caterpillars only eat milkweed, a necessity for their growth and development into a butterfly.
  • Milkweed to Monarchs is a signature initiative of the Center for Conservation at Cincinnati Nature Center, with the intent of educating the community on the fragile plight of the monarch butterfly and promoting the widespread planting of milkweed in Southwest Ohio and beyond.

How do I get milkweed seeds?

  • Visit the Rowe Visitor Center at Cincinnati Nature Center.
  • Visit our Online Form to order a free packet online and see a list of our Merchants for Monarchs that are distributing seed packets.

If I request seeds, how soon can I expect to receive my seeds in the mail?

  • You can expect your seeds approximately two weeks from the date of request.

Are the seeds free?

  • Yes!

If I pick up seed packets at the Rowe Visitor Center, how many packets can I take?

  • Our seed packets are designed for people to plant the seeds in their backyard gardens. So as many can share in the effort to plant milkweed seeds, we ask that you take 1 packet per visitor or a maximum of 5 packets per household.

I have a large piece of property and I want to get a large amount of milkweed seeds. Where can I purchase a large amount of seeds?

  • If you would like a very large quantity of seeds, we can refer you to the distributor who is providing our milkweed seeds, American Meadows. Their contact information is 1-877-309-7333 and