Milkweed to Monarchs Initiative

Milkweed to Monarchs Initiative

Over the past two decades, the monarch population has declined by an alarming 90% due to habitat loss. Monarch caterpillars feed only on milkweed, and fields where this native plant once grew are being lost to development and agricultural practices. You can help by planting milkweed seeds! Fall planting is the easiest. Simply scatter the seeds onto bare earth and cover with 1/8 inch of soil.

'Milkweed to Monarchs' Sightings

Use the interactive maps on our Milkweed to Monarchs website to report if you see a milkweed plant, monarch egg, caterpillar or adult butterfly!

Radio Spotlight!

Cincinnati Nature Center’s former Chief Naturalist Bill Creasey and Executive Director Bill Hopple were interviewed by radio host Mark Heyne at the WVXU studio for a segment on Cincinnati Edition.

Click here to listen in and learn about the plight of the monarch butterfly.

Merchants for Monarchs

Please visit one of the following Merchants for Monarchs locations to pick up your free packet of milkweed seeds:


Jungle Jim’s International Market—Eastgate

If your organization is interested in helping to distribute seed packets, please contact Community Relations Manager Marian Perkowski at (513) 965-4249 or email