Center for Conservation

Expanding Conservation Beyond Our Borders

With 50 years of land and habitat management experience and a mosaic of diverse native habitats on 1,662 acres, Cincinnati Nature Center is establishing the Center for Conservation. The Center will act as a community resource by promoting research, developing education programs and helping people become better stewards of the land in Greater Cincinnati. As the first of its kind in the region, we’ll serve those with an interest in land and water management, applied ecology and environmental research—providing hands-on experience, education and support for students, homeowners, landowners, scientists, researchers, high school and college teachers and professors, land and water managers, municipalities and community partners.

Get involved in the Milkweed to Monarchs initiative!

A Home for the Center for Conservation

Renovating Groesbeck Lodge, a 1920s English revival country house at Rowe Woods, will provide offices for the Department of Conservation’s staff and volunteers, as well as space for research labs and group meetings.

Help support the renovation of Groesbeck Lodge for the new Center for Conservation.

Learn more about Phase II of our Capital Campaign by reading The Future Unfolds Campaign Brochure.

Watch a tour of the Center for Conservation under construction!

Areas of Focus: 

  • STEWARDSHIP: To maintain and enhance the Nature Center's lands as a “living laboratory” of biologically diverse native habitats

    • Native habitat enhancement and restoration
    • Invasive species management
    • Sustainable Trail maintenance

  • EDUCATION: To educate the community about the benefits and methods of conservation
    • Through programs, workshops, seminars
    • Variety of subjects – variety of formats
    • Focus programming on conservation initiatives (e.g. Milkweed to Monarchs)
    • Use the Nature Center's lands to demonstrate techniques
    • Provide student research experiences/opportunities
    • Through volunteer opportunities

  • CONSERVATION: To lead initiatives which improve land and water quality in the region and beyond
    • Lead conservation Initiatives to address ecological challenges in this region
                        Milkweed to Monarchs

  • LAND PROTECTION: To protect greenspace in the region   
    • Acquiring adjacent lands to enhance and protect Cincinnati Nature Center's ecosystem
    • Increase greenspace protected through partnership with Cardinal Land Conservancy

  • RESEARCH: To carry out scientific research which informs our practices
    • Utilize research findings to guide land management decisions/practices
    • To contribute to body of local natural history ecology
    • To inform land management decisions on the Nature Center's lands
    • To support conservation initiatives
    • To provide educational opportunities for students
    • To engage people through Citizen Science programs

Land Ethic

“The land ethic simply enlarges the boundaries of the community to include soils, waters, plants, and animals, or collectively: the land.” 

—Aldo Leopold, A Sand County Almanac, 1949

We embrace Aldo Leopold’s land ethic. One of the Nature Center's primary values is stewardship of the land. We recognize the interdependence of all living things and strive to maintain the web of life by preserving, restoring, and protecting our lands. The Nature Center’s Center for Conservation actively manages 1,662 acres in Clermont County. Our goal for land stewardship is to provide and maintain in perpetuity a mosaic of biodiverse habitats for visitor experience, education and research. 

For more information:

Please contact the Director of the Center for Conservation, Cory Christopher at or (513) 831-1711, ext. 305.